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wordpress user comments banished to spam

  1. I check the spam once in a while, but get too many to go through it every day. My blog gets from 1,500 to 3,000 hits per day, and that means more spam too. So it is feasable that a person leaves a comment with too many links in it at my site, it goes into spam and because I don't retrieve it, it's automatically deleted by the system and so askimet thinks it is spam.

    It's always a good idea to be familiar with a blog to know if links are allowed before posting more than one. While there are people who allow none, most allow at least one or two before it's nabbed. I allow three.

  2. Well bummer, seems I've joined the ranks of those in WordPress comment Purgatory. Commented twice on one blog and one comment on another blog this morning and all were eaten by the WordPress omniverse. No links involved.

    Any suggestions?

  3. Comment on my latest post and I'll fish you out. Hopefully that will help Akismet learn.

  4. @justjennifer,
    comment on my latest post also and i'll fish you out also...


  5. Sorry-had to go offline for a bit. Looks like my comment finally came through on the posts where I left them, but no "your comment is waiting to be moderated" nor anything else.

    Apparently just another all too frequent wrinkle in the time-space continuum. Thanks for checking.

    (ps teck07-love your new avatar. :D )

  6. I fished you out. Try again.

  7. Commented, and no comment. o_O

  8. I un-spammed you AGAIN. God, what's going on? Doesn't Akismet know who we ARE???

    Try this:

  9. Thanks for fishing me out of spam purgatory, again.

    Will contact Akismet, though having read through the earlier comments in this thread doesn't make me very hopeful. :/

  10. Hello justjennifer,
    I fished your comment out of the spam folder
    I also deleted you're comment from my blog but if you
    would like to be promoted on my blog just leave another
    comment with your URL and I'll fish you out again if it
    goes to the spam folder....

    But hopefully it's fixed for you now... :)

    (ps teck07-love your new avatar. :D )

    Thanx it's a 8 ball that has been photo shopped
    with the wordpress logo

  11. Now I'm getting spammed. Oh, fine. I still have my Tumblr!

  12. Raincoaster, send a comment to my latest post I'll fish you out... :)

  13. Your comment on my last blog post came through OK. A new development?(!) Comment again and I'll fish you out if it goes to spam.

  14. No, turns out it was because I dropped a link. A SINGLE link. Akismet is paranoid. Cue the dozens to post "OMG wun spam got through i am leeving foreva!"

  15. Please report Akismet problems here:

    At a minimum we need your name, blog URL, email address and IP address.

  16. Do we have to put the IP address in the email? I don't actually know mine. Presumably, if you get an email, you've got the IP too, no?

  17. Also: the blog we left the comment on, or OUR blog?

  18. Here's one way.

    Go to and leave a comment.
    If it appears, great - you do not need to contact Akismet support
    If it does not all the information needed is now there to be checked - so still use the form at but mention you tried the test blog.

    Why use
    Because other people might be using some other form of moderation. This blog uses Akismet and nothing else.

  19. Thanks for posting that Mark; looks like today I am out of the Akismet line of fire.

    FWIW-my troubles began after I also posted one link in a comment, but on my OWN blog. :/

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