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  1. I need help!!! I added someone as an author on my worpress, and they did too. How do I login into their worpress and add posts? Please help me!! I need to know, and please tell in specific, or at least specific words.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please post the complete url for the blog your are referring to starting with http:// so we can help you.

  3. If you do have a wordpress.COM blog and not wordpress.ORG software that you are self hosting then the wordpress.COM support documentation links you require are:
    Adding users to your blog (or removing them)

  4. or is it my friend's?

  5. Thanks for posting the wordpress.COM blog link. You will find your answer at the links above.

  6. I need to access to my friend's wordpress. His ends with com.

  7. It would require your friend adding you to their blog now that you have created an account that you are using for this forum. It is up to them and them alone to add you if they so choose.

  8. Actually, I think I found out what's wrong. He did add me, but it wasn't the right email address I signed up with for wordpress. So yea, my mistake. Anyways, thank for your help!

  9. @arif18
    You are right when it comes to thinking that unique email addresses are key just like the support documentation says. Best wishes for happy blogging :)

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