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wordpress -v- you tube

  1. I noticed in recently that youtube is getting hassle for copyright on music and music video's. I post quite a few on my blog.

    But just wondering if I should be more careful about it? I know its now the norm but wondering what others think.

    Should Sarah keep off it until the heat is off. I don't won't the boys in blue knocking at my door hehe I know that won't happen but just interesting in other peoples thoughts on the subject.

    Over to you!

  2. If the issues with youtube are copyright issues/legal issues then I don't think soliciting opinions is something that would be good to encourage on this forum sarah. I could be wrong but I don't think this falls into the realm of a support question. How about making a blog post on the subject and inviting the dialogue to take place on your blog?

  3. oh no you got me wrong, so wrong. I was asking if I should not put youtube on my blog in future. As I have done and was a bit worried that it's something I should not do.

    I have not had my blog very long and and when I started it I used the forum to find out how to do it, and it gave me advice how to.. therefore I thought it was cool.

    I was merely requesting or suggesting that maybe it was not a good idea... trying to protect others on here.

    That's all gosh just trying to let others know they are in for a telling off by the copyright folks.

  4. Ahhh yes ... sometimes I'm as dull as a burned out lightbulb sarah - sorry. :(

  5. ohh since I replied you have edited. ok I will do thanks timethief.

  6. Cheers :)

  7. @sarah (I quickscanned the thread, so apologies if I missed the gist)

    don't worry about youtube copyright violations. You're just linking to the youtube video, not hosting it yourself.

    If the video goes down you'll just have a broken link.

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