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  1. QUESTION: How can I tell what version of WordPress I am using? Thank you.

    REASON FOR QUESTION: I'm about to download a plug-in for AdSense and then something for Amazon and it seems that it's important to know what version of WordPress that I have to know if what I'm downloading will be compatible. Totally I'm going to just try this and see what happens. I have a lot of work to do and meager, albeit growing, body of knowledge in my head to do it directly. So, I'm ever so grateful to have this forum in which to post questions.

    Just in case it isn't automatically included, my blog address is

  2. We're running WordPress MultiUser here which is different than regular WordPress. You can call it bleeding edge 2.2 code for hte most part even though it's seperate development.

    We don't do plugins here as this is a shared environment and you would be putting everybody else at risk. Also a friendly reminder that Adsense and Amazon is against the ToS and will get your blog booted.

    Those affliate links within your posts need to be removed.

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