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    I have 2 Brightcove videos that I got from Sun News Network Canada. First I tried to have the 2 different videos in one post but WrdPress removed one of them. Then I tried to have them in 2 different posts but again: WP removes one of them. And it’s not the same. I’ve tested it and WP removes the latest one. What’s going on? I now have one of them in af draft that I can’t post. Please do something? Brightcove have a speciall WP.com posting feature and it always works…

    The blog I need help with is universalgeni.wordpress.com.


    PS: It works fine in a preview but not after posting.



    WordPress.com has never directly supported Brightcove videos.
    http://en.support.wordpress.com/videos/ However, you can give Vodpod a try, as it allows you to embed videos from thousands of different sites and services.


    Vodpod is history. Lockerz took over. Lockerz can’t handle this. Have tested.


    I still need help. Please?


    I clicked on this forum because it mentioned “videos”. I enjoy video posts! I am sorry, I don’t know what Brightcove videos are, but it surprises me WP suddenly knows when you upload them. I think you should hit the help button & try & understand what’s going on. Good luck.



    That is not a helpful response.

    We need a link to the actual videos in order to help. Presumably you could embed them using the Gigya shortcode.


    Thanks, raincoaster. Didn’t think of that. The problem surfaces no matter what Sun News video one uses: http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/

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