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Wordpress Video Player on a Mac?

  1. Is there a reason my video won't display on a Mac? I purchased the extra space to upload videos, and the player seems to display just fine on a PC. But on my Mac, there is just a blank space. I can right click on it and get the Flash menu - latest Flash version is installed - but nothing shows up.


  2. Can we get a link to your blog, please?


  4. Afraid I'm not at the office where we have a Mac, but maybe someone else will be able to help you. Video worked fine for me on a PC.

  5. I have a mac, and run firefox3. Works fine.. I think maybe your video is a tad large, though, so it takes a bit to load.

  6. Maybe I should add that it is OS 10.4.11.
    I also checked your video in firefox, opera, safari and flock.
    Works fine.

  7. Works here in 10.5.4 in Firefox 3

    And congratulations :)

  8. Just a wild guess: The Flash Player may not be connecting properly. You may try another internet connection or reset the one you're using.

    And while your at it, the cookie dance can eliminate other error sources (log out, clear cache and cookies, restart browser, login again).

  9. Looks good in Safari with the latest Flash Player V9. Seems funny you get the "successfully installed splash screen". Do you also have the Shockwave Flash Player plug-in? Check in the Safari menu bar under help.
    Congrats by the way!

  10. Works fine for me both in safari and firefox.

    Cute video, congratulations!

  11. @ seanmurray74, I suspect it may be a flash issue as it also works just fine for me with Safari 3 on OSX 10.5.4 as well as in FF 3.

    Go to and download and install the latest flash player in your browser(s) and I think that should take care of it for you.

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