WordPress wants me to upgarde browser

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    Just got a notice today that WP wants me to upgrade IE to version 9.0 otherwise I will stop receiving notifications. I have an issue with this since, when I DID upgrade my browser to IE 9.0, I had ALL SORTS of issues with WP. My “preview” button in edit mode stopped working for one which was so annoying. Why force me to upgrade when things are working fine as is??

    The blog I need help with is milkayphoto.wordpress.com.


    If it’s a message on your dashboard, you can turn that off. Click the ‘screen options’ tag at the top of the page and uncheck it.

    Most browsers have to be upgraded once in a while as otherwise it doesn’t keep up with the changes to the software.

    I used to use IE but don’t anymore. My problems will start when the browsers themselves stop supporting my computer’s operating system. IE already has and at the moment I can’t afford to upgrade my O.S.

    You could try using a different browser if things get glitchy for you here, there are plenty of others that work well. My fave is Firefox. Have a look here:


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