WordPress website with algorithm and database?

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    Dear Sir/Madam and fellow WP followers,

    I am new to the community and am hoping to open an online advisory company so here I am to check with you if I could realise my website with WordPress or something better suits my need.

    Is there a way that I could add a database (~1000 entries) and algorithm to a WordPress website? From reading the forum, it all seems possible.

    I will be advising my prospective customers what food best suits them based on a selection of 10 dietary options.

    The flow is like this:
    A customer visits my website and chooses a minimum of 4 to 6 choices out of the 10 dietary options listed on the site.
    Based on the choices and the help of a simple programmed algorithm, a list of food recommendations will be decided and will only be revealed to the customer once a payment is made.

    There will be 3 pricing structures of my site, namely basic, Pro and Ultimate.
    Basic gives the customer 3 food recommendations
    Pro – 5
    Ultimate – 8

    Is the above something WordPress could do?

    Thank you for reading my message.



    Hi @xmaxsol, WordPress.org is open source software, and you can basically modify it however you’d like. You could even have a separate database, then just integrate your front end display through WordPress templates. I’d recommend learning up on plugins and child themes and template parts and going from there, as opposed to modifying the core software itself since that’s harder to maintain.

    If you want to run this on WordPress.com’s managed hosting service, please know you won’t have direct access to your database. So you would have to create this in the form of a plugin, and you would need the business plan to run it. Systems that generate combinations tend to need significant caching as well, so you’d need to consider that whatever host you use.

    Here’s a summary of the difference between the free software and our service:

    And, for more questions about the free software or developing for it, there’s a great forum here:

    Hoping this helps!



    Hi supernovia,

    Thanks for the reply and explanation.
    I would prefer to stay using WordPress’s template. As I am not a tech savvy person, I am not entirely sure how I can start with the database plugin and hosting for the combinations. Are there any plugin and hosting products you know would work well with WordPress?



    Hi there,

    There are literally hundreds of hosting companies that provide hosting for the WordPress software. We specifically recommend Pressable and Bluehost, but those are not your only options:


    And there are tens of thousands of WordPress plugins, but we’re not able to recommend specific ones for what you want to do. For that type of advice, please ask in the self-hosted forums that @supernovia linked to above:


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