WordPress why aren't you listening there is something wrong with the reader?!

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    I’ve complained and so have loads of others….
    The reader is not working properly and it’s nigh on impossible to comment or reply to anything if you do manage to read a post!

    There is something seriously wrong that is making shockwave flash crash!

    I have an up to date version on every browser I have tried to use (up to number 3 now) and it makes no difference.
    My cache has been cleared as has cookies and everything else I can think of!

    99% of people I speak to are having the same problem what on earth is going on?

    And how can I complain to you directly? because as far as I can see this is the only way to speak to you and you never reply to me :S

    PLEASE get this sorted!

    The blog I need help with is scienerf.wordpress.com.


    Ummm, it’s a Holiday and there is only a partial staff available.

    I have no problem with the reader. It works fine. There are other threads, so some are having problems, but it seems to be relatively few compared to the millions of users.



    I have the same problem. As a matter of fact it has taken me over 10+ hours now, to finally figure out it’s not my computer, but wordpress and the reader section. The system gets bogged down when trying upload the blog posts that I follow – gets hung up w/o being able to connect.

    This problem wasn’t an issue prior to last week – I ran three virus protectors, cleared cache almost on an hourly basis and trust me, when I say I’m not new to computers. I had to un-follow every blog I follow so I could get my computer back. The experience has taken hours away from painting, you know being an artist is first not running a wordpress blog.

    I belong to three art communities online with millions of images uploaded and these issues do not exist – ever.

    I’m thinking that it has something to do with wordpress in using “pixel.quantserve.com” for loading blogs in the “blogs I follow” section. Because, as is right now, I’m on a different section of wordpress and I can move around very easily.

    As for “notawoodpecker” comment, many bloggers are encountering the issue and haven’t taken the time to write, because they are probably thinking it has to do with their computer. So I’m glad you have no problem w/wordpress, perhaps you weren’t following other blogs on wordpress – when you do, I guarantee you that you’ll bump up to the same issues as the rest of us.

    This week I’m going to re-examine whether I should go to google blogger and start my blog all over again, at a server that can handle blogger expectations.

    The only benefit I can see right now is that the experience in the last 5 days has made me re-think a portion of my business model and force myself to evaluate with I have a blog, it’s purpose and what expectations I have for server functions.

    It’s time for wordpress to address the issue with their blogging community and let us know what is going on. And the simple answer to change size of images is not the total answer, you have a responsibility with your bloggers to address the issue let us know at the very least that you are working on it.

    Bloggers want followers, but will not have many if they run into this issue while using WordPress.


    I have the same problem with the reader, I cannot achieve the blogs to which one am taken out a subscription for me for 3 days.
    I tried on another computer and it is similar.
    All rest goes well, notifications and writing of articles, just the reader jams.
    Thank you for helping me.
    http: // tarotpsychologique.wordpress.com/


    The reader has a huge problem. It makes flash crash and slows my whole computer to the point that I have to use the task manager to shut down the browser, and before I end the process it shows in task manager that over 1 million k memory is being used by the browser, even when your reader is the only window I have open. That means your reader by itself is somehow using 1 million k. So yes, there is a problem. I have had to change my settings to where all the blogs I want to read will now be sending me an email when they post. I hate getting emails when people post, but it’s now the only way I can keep up since the reader is not working. Please fix it.



    I’m sorry your experiencing this issue.

    Please post into this thread which is tagged for Staff attention https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/reader-doesnt-load?replies=37 so we can keep all bloggers experiencing Reader issues together, as I’m tagging all the other threads for closure.



    Thank you for replying this time :) I’ve been keeping an eye on all the other posters about this issue so I’ll head over to that one and see what new ideas have been coming up!



    You’re welcome. I don’t post into threads unless I have possible solutions or something meaningful to offer. In this case I think the best we bloggers can do is keep all Reader issues in the same thread.

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