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Wordpress Will Not Load

  1. Last night I purchased a domain, and every since then, any wordpress page including this one, the support page, my actual domain, my admin area and any other wordpress blogs are running extremely slowly, timing out in most cases. All other sites on internet work perfectly fine. I haven't even touched the blog setup. What could be the problem?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you are asking about - it loads fine for me

    It can take 24 to 72 hours for domain mapping to migrate to the far corners of the internet - you can also have local caching issues with your ISP and other routers

    Check the change progress here:

  3. ~~auxclass

    I'm in Canada and the redirect is working for me. See here to use the link auxclass provided and view the progress as the domain name change propagates throughout the internet >

  4. I'm on a remote island in the south pacific, my internet works fine here, so I understand if the domain mapping has not reached here yet. But why am I not able to load my dashboard, or many other sites? Is it possible for me to cancel the domain and re-purchase it through another webhost in a few days? is this a good option?

  5. You should be able to log in via the old URL with the in it. This is the login URL for that site.

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