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    Over the last several days (and this has happened on many occasions previously) I have gone to my blog only to have to wait for it to load for several minutes while I surf other sites on the net in several different tabs of my browser. Often times the page errors out, or loads eventually so that I can get to my dashboard. Other times I am completely missing (whited out areas of the dashboard) certain functions of the dashboard. There are countless other times that I can not get a post to publish when I have an image uploaded “with a description” of the image, but will post if I leave the description of the image blank. Other times I have tried to upload an image but am then missing the section (whited out) beneath the image to “send to the editor” at which time I have to abandon the post and come back to wordpress later to try again. On other occasions wordpress just wouldn’t load at all and I would have to wait a day to try and access the dashboard again.

    For instance, I have tried 4 times to send this post to wordpress and the connection times out. While that is going on, I opened Camino Browser (I am using firefox to post to this forum) and I try to go to the wordpress forums and it times out in Camino, so I try to visit my blog, and it times out. I then open Safari (I am using a Mac so these are Mac web Browsers) and I try to visit WordPress.com and it times out. So then (because I have a network of computers) I got over to my PC running windows XP SP2 which is getting an update from MS and I open the IE browser and try to visit my blog and it times out. So I continue chatting in my chat room, and and listening to my music over the internet and I will continue to try and repost until it finally works.

    What the <b>heck</b> is going on with wordpress?




    I’m having the same problem. In IE it eventually times out, in Firefox it times out and says that “the site is redirecting in such a way that it will never complete”.



    Yes. EVERYONE is having this problem right now; there is no need to report it. Barry has put a thread at the top of the forum to let you know staff is working on the issue.


    This may be different since the OP says it has happened over the past “several” days.

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