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  1. I have a blog on because it's so much easier than my trying to host it elsewhere.

    1) is currently at version 1.5. Will ever upgrade to 2.+?

    2) I see many plugins, can I use them on Or, if I want plungins I will need to get WP hosted somewhere?

  2. We're not running WordPress here. We're running a specialized version called MU

    As to your other question, I politely suggest you read the bid red FAQ posted at the head of the forum.


  3. Ummm- Sorry to disagree but MU is WordPress - the core codebase is the same - just modded to support multi users.

  4. has all of the security fixes in 2.0.2. The MU installation here at is actually based on what will become WP 2.1. We track the latest development.

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