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  1. The small company I work for has four blogs that are used as websites. The admin who set them up, recently passed away. The responsibility for (quickly) updating the sites has fallen on me. The domains are hosted by GoDaddy. Before he passed away his family was able to get the information to transfer the GoDaddy login information to us but nothing else. Through a long search we have found 3 of the 4 wordpress admin logins and passwords. We have no documentation on whether or not he paid for upgrades etc. etc. 1) Is there somewhere I can find the status of the accounts. 2) Is there away to 'reset' the fourth account so that we can gain control of it? As an added bonus, at about 12 hours, I have the most experience with WordPress in the company. Please help. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

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  3. Sorry to be clear, the blogs are not listed above. That is the blog I registered so I could post. The blogs in question are: (have complete access) (have complete access) (have complete access) (do not have admin access)

    Thank you in advance!

  4. Those are self-hosted blogs, which we really can't help with.

    To clear up any confusion, and are two different entities. has complete support and documentation sites for self-hosted/installed versions of WordPress via their Codex and Support Forums.

  5. Thank you for your response, but I'm still more than a little confused on our situation. From what I read over the weekend & your response:

    1) It appears that the employee who passed away used to create our 'websites' (true/false)

    2) He then posted the code as a site on GoDaddy, and somehow linked the files (true/false)

    3) Somehow the code on GoDaddy is still linked to the wordpress front-end because when I make changes in wordpress to the sites I have admin access to the changes go live instantly. (true/false)

    This last question (I promise) is not directly related to these sites, but will help none-the-less. Because I have too many other responsibilities to spend days figuring this out on my own is there any listing of certified/experienced wordpress consultants by region?

  6. 1. This is true.

    2. Not entirely true. He is using a registered .com domain name with the software, he is not using Please see this for details:

    3. These changes are made though the software, not

    4. If you're looking for local professionals who can help with self-hosted installations, try or

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