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  1. I don't know which company/site operates the ads on all, but I am sure that this company is not-Google. All ads which are shown below posts on my blog are senseless regarding the content posted above. I understand that <b> has right to show ads on my blog, but is it fair to convert my blog into a spam site?</b> (WP roars on spammers.)
    Below a post on Weirstrass theorem, my friend saw an Adverisement of <b>''How to Lose Weight? Download this application''</b> or ''Are You single?'' type. He mailed the screenshots to me. Has that advertising company <b>no sense about where to post which ad?</b> Google-Adsense is awesome because they post ads related to the content on the post ---readers find them useful and click on them. How much earns from these kinds of ads? Who will click on those ads which are spamming a site? Who will come back to my site?
    I have only three requests on which should think:
    *Educational Blogs must have only education ads.
    *More the visitors a blog gets, less the number of ads on that blog.
    *I have never seen a text-ad on WP should increase the number of ads in plain html format than animated images.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Edit: Below a post on Weirstrass theorem, my friend saw Adverisements of type ''How to Lose Weight? Download this application'' and ''Are You single?' (after a refresh, I think).

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