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    I don’t know which company/site operates the ads on all WordPress.com, but I am sure that this company is not-Google. All ads which are shown below posts on my blog are senseless regarding the content posted above. I understand that <b>WordPress.com has right to show ads on my blog, but is it fair to convert my blog into a spam site?</b> (WP roars on spammers.)
    Below a post on Weirstrass theorem, my friend saw an Adverisement of <b>”How to Lose Weight? Download this application”</b> or ”Are You single?” type. He mailed the screenshots to me. Has that advertising company <b>no sense about where to post which ad?</b> Google-Adsense is awesome because they post ads related to the content on the post —readers find them useful and click on them. How much WordPress.com earns from these kinds of ads? Who will click on those ads which are spamming a site? Who will come back to my site?
    I have only three requests on which WP.com should think:
    *Educational Blogs must have only education ads.
    *More the visitors a blog gets, less the number of ads on that blog.
    *I have never seen a text-ad on WP.com. WP should increase the number of ads in plain html format than animated images.

    The blog I need help with is wpgaurav.wordpress.com.



    Edit: Below a post on Weirstrass theorem, my friend saw Adverisements of type ”How to Lose Weight? Download this application” and ”Are You single?’ (after a refresh, I think).

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