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    I plan to sell a CD-ROM in the future and an e-book. These are my own products that I created. Can I sell these on my website? I plan to use Paypal – a “Buy now” Paypal button. I know WordPress.com is not an e-commerce site, but I am just wondering if I am able to insert a Paypal button on my website (the WordPress.com free blog website) to sell my OWN product. (I may or may not use my own domain name.)

    I know WordPress.org is more suitable to be used as an e-commerce website, but I want to know if the above is possible with WordPress.com as I just want to work with WordPress.com at this stage. (I don’t want to sell affiliate products, make money through Google ads or anything like that … I just want to sell my own e-book or my own CD-ROM using Paypal).

    The blog I need help with is economicsmusings.wordpress.com.



    I plan to use Paypal – a “Buy now” Paypal button.

    On a free hosted WordPress.com blog you can only use an unencrypted PayPal donation button.

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