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  1. Hello everyone!

    I just "twittered" some posts regarding my...

    New micro-blog-setting: feeds - twitgit becomes the @backchannel. offers all features I’d like @twitter: tags, search, comments, trackbacks, and more…

    The Prologue-theme by redesigns WordPress for micro-blogging purposes:

    Have a look at:

    Still, there are 2 things I'm hardly missing in this setting:

    1. If you post via "Whatcha up to?" (not via the WP-Admin, where it works) there's obviously no ping activated (internally, externally)? - This should be added to the Prologue-installation (or theme at all) at, shouldn't it?

    2. I'm using to tweet to twitter. Why isn't there a widget that allows you to:
    2.1 select a feed (it's not always the main-feed) and
    2.2. enter twitter-login-information to ping twitter?
    This would be a faster and gentler way to post to twitter, wouldn't it?

    These "extensions" would make with Prologue the ideal twitter-feeder. What do you think?


  2. O RLY? Sounds interesting. I didn't realize it had quite that much functionality.

  3. There's one more thing:

    3. Why isn't there a relative big characters-counter for the "Whatcha up to?"-textarea next to the "Post"-Button?

  4. And one more more thing:

    4. It might be helpful to have an (optional) Title-input-field above the textarea to define the links URI.

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