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  1. Happy new year!!

    If your blog has been around for a while but you haven't received an email with your Annual Report, please first check the email account associated with your account. Sometimes our emails end up in spam folders or the "social" tab in Gmail.

    If you have checked and do not have an email, and your blog isn't brand new, please post here with your blog address, and we can generate a report for you, and it will be sent to your account email.

    If you received your report but are having trouble with it, please create a new thread describing your issue, so we can troubleshoot it separately.

    Please generate an Annual Report, thanks
    Fr Richard

  3. I've regenerated your report for Please check your email.


    thank you so much!

  5. I've regenerated your report for

  6. got it! that was so quick! thanks so much and have a wonderful new year!

  7. thecountessshadow

    I have checked my email and I am sure I got nothing. Please generate my blog's annual report.( )
    Thank you

  8. I've regenerated reports for and

  9. I have checked my email and confirmed there isn't a message waiting. If you could send my report for: I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

  10. I've regenerated the report for

  11. thecountessshadow

    I just got my report now. A very big thank you :)

  12. Thank you very much, God Bless and Happy new year

  13. I just got mine, thank you!



  15. Hi there!

    I've checked my email for an Annual Report and haven't received anything about the subject. Can you please submit a request for

    Happy New Year,

  16. Can you please submit a request for:

    Thank you very much!

  17. I've just regenerated reports for,, and

  18. I've now received the email. Thanks for your help!

    Happy New Year,

  19. Hey there.

    I received an email with an annual report for one blog, but not the other. Could you generate a report for


  20. Hi, I received a report for a blog I no longer use. My main blog is and I was hoping to get a report for that one.


  21. Thank you for regenerating mine (email lost, sorry, my old age) :

    And happy new year

    Marc Bestgen

  22. Hi there,

    Can you please generate an annual report for

    Thank you & Happy New Year!


  23. I've generated new reports for,,, and

  24. Can you please generate the report for

    Happy 2014 !!!

  25. please and thannk you!

  26. Please generate for


  27. Thank uuuuuuu! You deserve a goooood or several glasses of champagne for all this !

  28. Can you please generate a report for

    Thank you and Happy New Year!

  29. earthandsoulfood


    Can you please generate an annual report for

    Many thanks, I really appreciate it!

    Warm regards
    Merryn :-)

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