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  1. Please email the annual report for


  2. Can you please generate an annual report for
    You can forward it to me at [email redacted]

    Best regards

    Claus Lorentzen

  3. Hi, Can you please provide annual report for my email address is [email redacted]

  4. I never received an "annual report". Can you please issue one for - thank you.

  5. @lebeninsydney, @popnova, @claus0102, @sonalisangle, @neverforget98: I've generated annual reports for each of you! You'll receive them by email.

  6. Thank you!

  7. Hi There.

    You say that you've generated the Annual report for my blog ( but every time I try to access, it just asks for my password over and over again. Even though I'm clearly logged in. The report URL is

    I don't understand what the problem is.

  8. Hi @scotartt! Could you try the following?

    –make sure you're logged into your account, rather than just your self-hosted site account.

    –try viewing the link in a different browser. This has worked for some other users who have experienced the same problem!

    And if you don't mind, please let us know which browser works and which doesn't. That may help us find a trend and fix the issue.

  9. Hello. Yes. I am logged into with this account - it's the same account my blog's Jetpack is connected to (I just disconnected and reconnected my blog to confirm that). When I select to view Stats, on, using this account, it shows the link to the report at the top of the page. This link, when I click it, produces the behaviour, same as the one that was in email.

    It works in Safari, but not in Chrome.

    Would it have something to do perhaps with 3rd party Cookie settings? The report is on the host but the login is hosted at It's usually good security practice to block third party cookies.

    In Chrome, which is my primary browser, I've got both "do not track" and "block 3rd party cookies and site data" enabled.

    In Safari, I have "Block Cookies and other website data" set to "Third parties and advertisers", and "do not track" enabled, which should be equivalent to Chrome, but perhaps not.


  10. I'm glad to hear that you were able to access it in Safari! Thanks for letting me know the details and that Chrome was the problem, this is all really helpful.

  11. I have checked my email and I am sure I got nothing. Please generate my blog's annual report.( )
    Thank you!!!

  12. Yay. Thank you so much lettergrade.
    Regards, Sonali

  13. Can I have the annual report for please? Thanks

  14. Please send the report for:

    I have checked but don't seem to have anything.

  15. @virtuallyallsorts and @mrshumphries1, you should have received reports now. :)

  16. Hello, Can you please provide annual report for
    My email address is [email redacted].
    thank you

  17. Please generate a report for


  18. @crussel10 and @somnisfoners, you should have reports in your inbox now.

  19. It did not come through. Can you send to [email redacted]?
    Thank you.

  20. Hi. Can you please generate an annual report for

    thank you!

  21. Hi! Would you please generate a report for

    Thank you!

  22. THANK YOU for sending the e-mail with the link for the 2013 annual report for

    Unfortunately, there seems to be some odd redirect and I'm prompted to login which won't accept my password even though I'm logged in and verified it works.

    I *think* the URL should simply be
    but I tried the above and I get a 404. I've cleared cookies, used e-mail address instead of user name, even tried resetting password, and yada yada.

    Please send another e-mail annual report link or enlighten me as to what I'm doing wrong. Again, thanks for all that you do.

  23. aussiemandias1

    Would appreciate 2013 report for aka
    Thank you in anticipation,

  24. Hello! Would you please generate a report for

    Thank you very very much!

  25. secretangelps911

    Hello! I love these reports. Could you please generate a report for The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel at

    I would love to get one to share with my readers. Thank you very much! Many blessings to you!!

  26. nn

  27. thesimplycomplicated

    Hi. Could you please regenerate my blog's annual report:

    I never received it in my inbox or spam folder.

    Thanks so much,

  28. Could you please generate an annual report for:

    Many thanks,


  29. Got it! Thanks. Some really interesting data in there!

  30. @longislandvc, @aussiemandias1, @sorinprunescu, @secretangelps911, @14307653, @normanoetker, @rjmackin, I've generated reports for you.

    @matrixforce, we've had reports of users having trouble viewing the link in Chrome. Could you try it in a different browser and let me know if you have any success?

    @sfedor408, it doesn't look like your self-hosted site has Jetpack enabled, which means there's sadly no annual report to send you. Could you let me know if that's not the case, so I can dig further?

    @crussel10, check your email, I've sent it again!

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