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  1. Still waiting for reports for and

  2. i am new here can i get some more info about it?

  3. @raincoaster, done! Have you received them now?

    @sophiawrights, the report is a fun compilation of annual statistics for and Jetpack-enabled blogs.

    Here's a sample you can look at:

    I see you started blogging in January, so you were too late for 2013 but perhaps you'll have one to look forward to next year! Welcome. :)

  4. @lettergrade, nope. Perhaps the email is in spam. I shall fish it out.

  5. Sure, @raincoaster! With or without the email, you'll can view them while logged in here:

  6. Thanks, got them now! They were in spam, along with several of my subscriptions.

  7. Thanks, got them now! They were in spam, along with several of my subscriptions.

  8. Thanks, got them now! They were in spam, along with several of my subscriptions.

  9. tank you very much

  10. sorry but I still waiting for the anual report for

    I wrote a post on January 14 ... gave me Forgot? snif ....

  11. splashofinspiration

    Is there any way I can get my report? I checked my spam and it wasn't there.

    My site:

  12. Hi,
    Can you please generate a post for

    Thank you!

  13. Hi @eartells and @splashofinspiration, I've sent your reports!


  15. Thankyou very much!!

  16. por favor genere mi informe anual ,

  17. @alfulky, you should be taken care of now.

    @mjgm123, the blog you listed doesn't have any content so there isn't a report available for yours. Next year, once you've added more posts, you should have an annual report to celebrate! :)

  18. @karencleary I have generated a report for you.

  19. Hi,

    Can you regenerate the report for

    Whenever I try to click on the link (using the link on my .org) I keep getting the message:

    "Sorry, this report is only visible to members of this site."

    I am also signed in to my site as well, so it's a bit strange?



  20. Hello!

    Thank you for this! We at UNITAR did not recevie an annual report either. Here is our blog address:

    Many thanks!

    UNITAR's ICfD team

  21. Hello, would you please generate a report for

    Many thanks!

  22. I have generated new reports for @thegift73 and @icfdblog. @karencleary, it doesn't appear that your site has an active Jetpack connection at that address.

  23. Awesome. Thank you @jackiedana, I have now got the report, many thanks.


  24. Have done so much work this year - would love to see an annual report please :)

  25. Done, @jennyhardcore!

  26. I would like to receive a 2013 report.
    Thank you!!

  27. many weeks back I requested an Annual Report and have received nothing at all -


  28. I would like to receive the 2013 Annual Report for Thank you!

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