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    Your right we do not have to be given an answer since wordpress. com is free. I believe there is no such thing as wordpress.COM vip members, its one setting for all.



    wank, that’s not true. VIP accounts are few and selective. The rest of the bloggers on wordpress.com are also potentially paying for one upgrade or another. There is no paid upgrade for stats.



    dribblingpensioner, would you mind identifying which other things people are waiting for to get answers from the blog support? I have had my blog here for more than 5 years and I do not recall coming across the type of problem we are discussing lately with the stats.




    I believe there is no such thing as wordpress.COM vip members, its one setting for all.

    Please see here > VIP Services: Support & Hosting


    @ TT , i was giving an answer to this post on page 6, i read your link and i don’t think thats for the likes of me or ordinary bloggers, so i still say its one setting for all :)

    I very much doubt that any of wordpress.com’s VIP customers have had their stats messed up. If you want reliability and accountability, you’re going to have to pay for it.



    There is no paid upgrade for stats.

    Yes, that would be why I pointed out that none of us are paying for them. Your purchase of other upgrades is irrelevant. You may be a paying customer, but the things you are paying for do not include stats. If they want to experiment with them or even remove them entirely, they can. And if they don’t feel like explaining what’s happening, there’s nothing you can do to compel them.

    My point was that it is highly unlikely any of Automattic’s VIP clients are using the inhouse stats system and nothing else. It is also highly unlikely that if CNN or Techcrunch noticed a significant blip in their stats and asked for an explanation that they would be ignored.



    Bumping this back up so it doesn’t fade too far away.


    I am very disappointed that WordPress feels determined not to give us an explanation on an issue that obviously has one — this seems to be a very strange case of total user-unfriendliness.



    Have you tried contacting support directly? I don’t rate your chances of getting a straight answer out of them but it might be harder for them to ignore a support request than a forum thread.



    Dear Support Staff, could we please get any update on this? Thanks.



    Dear Support Staff, could we please get any update on this? Thanks.



    Has the support staff provided any update on this anywhere else?



    Since it’s now almost a month since their failed stats experiment, it seems very unlikely you will get any explanations now.



    It is fine if we don’t get any explanation ever, but this thread of 150 plus comments is an evidence of WordPress ignoring this issue.



    One of the referrers of mine is wordpress dashboard what does it mean.
    and another referrer is a website which does not contain any link of mine


    I am now moving to completely believe in the conspiracy theory on this issue. I am guessing that a hacker got into WordPress, messed with the program and was the source of the WordPress.com referrer problem in the first place.

    Not only that, while the staff was off on their “offsite”, the hacker came into this discussion as both Macmanx and Matt and left false messages about what had happened (note how neither of these two has returned to the discussion for more than two weeks, even though they were supposedly “away” when it started).

    WordPress doesn’t want to admit that it — indeed its “founder” — got hacked and misrepresented to those of us who count on it. So they are hoping that it will just quietly go away. Frankly, it doesn’t look like that is going to happen.

    We all understand hacking. Why not fess up to what really happened?



    I’m hosting a week-long program on my blog this week and as expected it has brought quite a number of visits to the site. In fact, it is my best week ever. However, the stats are skewed due to the bloated stats from wordpress.com referrer week.

    It’s incredible that WP Support has still not bothered to offer any coherent explanation of what happened. Not even an acknowledgment that they are aware of our pleas for attention on this matter. I don’t know what to make of this development given that Support is usually very good and responsive to most issues.

    Well, I guess we will continue to wait…



    Going to close this because I’m not sure what people are asking for anymore — people seem similarly mad that their stats were high or low, or that numbers don’t add up exactly with what some third-party tracking system says.

    If you see “wordpress.com” in your referrers, it’s means it’s traffic coming from our new social stuff like the reader on the homepage, or tags, or Freshly Pressed. These things are driving a ton of pageviews, so it will be noticeable on your stats, especially if you use the subscription widget or encourage people to follow you some other way.

    However I don’t want to leave anyone hanging, and happy to look into individual blog issues over Thanksgiving week. Going to close this thread, but start a new one (with a single question) and tag it “formatt” and I’ll take a look.

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