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    @hbs1991 – If you click on the WordPress.com in the referrers it will always take you to the Freshly Pressed page because that’s WordPress’ main page. It does not mean that you were Freshly Pressed. If you are Freshly Pressed, you will receive an email from WordPress informing you that you were and you will see your blog listed on the front page.



    Not everyone has been freshly pressed though, I’ve gone back through the list and I haven’t seen any of my posts on “Freshly Pressed”. Also if you type in wordpress.com into your address bar, it automatically takes you to the “Freshly Pressed” tab anyway.

    I guess we’ll just have to wait for the team to come back and sort the mess out because from what I can see, there is nothing we can do about it.



    I’m having the same issue. 70 or so look-sees on the posts and pages and 122 referalls from WordPress.com. And the day’s not half over.



    It’s a shame there’s no way to get real analytics out of WordPress. Google Webmaster Tools doesn’t show referrer URLs; neither does the built-in stats.

    I’ve been getting WordPress.com referrals for a couple days now…I have 3 subscribers and a couple more on RSS, but for the most part, the referral only lists the domain name of where the referral came from except in a very small number of cases.

    It’s kind of useless for seeing where the traffic actually comes from.



    Thanks, see since WP has a problem telling its members of up coming changes (BIG changes) which would probably decrease the amount of post from us wondering what in the world is going on. We have not options than to seek out the information.
    It may be WP’s front page, but it has just been in the last 48 hours or so that WordPress.com has started appearing in the Referrer’s Section.
    I had no idea, so WP Support could save themselves considerable time by keeping the community abreast of these changes that are forth coming. but I don’t guess they mind the thousands of questions to respond to.
    I love WP don’t get me wrong, steam lining and organization of things would be nice.


    Same here. Our stats are showing TWO MONTHS worth of normal traffic for YESTERDAY and today is looking like the same.



    I don’t want WP to get me wrong, hey if they have started somehow putting our posts on Freshly pressed and more people are seeing it there, and coming to my blog, then praise the Lord I am happy for that.

    I just think major changes explaining what they are implementing would save the support team many long hours of answering questions, if we knew what was coming then it would be much easier to say HEY they will get is figured out. and go one with life..
    I still don’t understand if you have not been freshly pressed, then that is saying that my latest post is not appearing on freshly pressed, it that is the case how is freshly pressed the referrer?



    same bug here.
    daily visitors are aprox 130, but today (so far) reached 530.

    is there anything to worry about?
    on the other hand, can somebody explain it?

    after all, thanks WP :-)



    Stats are practically broken. I hope when you fix the stats, you normalize the archived stats because last few days have been way off the chart compared to the archival data. This is not a good news for long standing blogs here.



    please fix soon. there is nothing actionable about this reporting.



    macmanx thanks for chiming in here….I actually have a different perspective than idoubtit, namely I’m REALLY excited you guys are finally taking this on. I’ve always found it crazy that it’s so hard to aggregate traffic numbers, and that the wordpress.com dashboard was giving onsite views when what we really care about (or at least what I really care about) is dedicated readers.

    (btw a post here on this: http://sashadichter.wordpress.com/2011/10/05/bump-and-grind/)

    As far as I can tell I have readers in five categories:
    – RSS via feedburner
    – RSS via some sort of wordpress.com subscription
    – (and I don’t know if people who subscribe by entering my blog URL directly into Google reader are hitting the same feed URL as the feedburner link on my blog)
    – Email subscribers
    – On site views

    It would be GREAT to get real stats broken out by these different channels.

    I do agree with folks that losing historical comparison is kinda frustrating though…



    Showing the feed views is OK – but to keep apples to apples make the graph two tone like you see when you click on the stats for an individual Post – then the graph would show the old visits as gray and the feed visits as dark blue.

    There does however seem to be a bit of a disconnect with the new Feed views and other Stats packages like Sitemeter.



    same ‘problem’ here, received 5500+ referrals from wordpress.com.

    it would definitely be interesting to have stats on rss and e-mail subscribers as separate referrers though!



    If this helps, right now it looks like everything makes sense except the hits attributed to WordPress.com. For me, that number comprises the exact difference between the number showing on the bar graph at the top and the number showing farther down for “Total views of posts on your blog.”



    I’m feeling left out – I have a whole SEVEN hits from WordPress.com – but I have heap from somewhere else…………. https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/72-pages-in-53-seconds?replies=13 Are the two related, as it seems to have started at the same time?



    I’m having the same thing. Tons of traffic today and big number of referrals from WordPress.com.



    to square with greentree, I think we’re all seeing the same thing, namely

    Total views (in the graph) = “Total views of posts in your blog” + “Referrers from WordPress.com”

    How many referrers you have will no doubt be a function of the number of subs you have and, presumably, how many of them read your post today. It would be great to know exactly what this represents (all RSS, some RSS, RSS + email subs?). Given my best estimate of my RSS list (which itself is a guess, which I’ve always found frustrating), my guess it is it just RSS.



    I just want to see complete URLs for every referral from any source. Like it’s possible to get if I run WP.org on my web server. (Which, incidentally, I’m transitioning back to as soon as my paid DNS is up here.)



    I’m sure you’re getting inundated with this…..same’s happening to me.

    Good luck


    If the hits listed as referred from wordpress.com are from feeds (eg, rss) — what are they reading?

    I show 1,155 hits from WordPress.com. The hits by posts (when I look at them individually) show 437 syndicated hits. That leaves 718 pageviews which do not show on the stats for individual posts. Which seems reasonable for RSS.

    I agree with the others. Showing traffic from feeds is great, but it should have been announced.

    Also, showing total WP syndications seperately from the total of other feeds would be nice — esp since the WP syndications appear in the stats shown on the individual pages for each post.

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