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    Well, CRAP!

    And here I thought I’d finally had a banner hit day. Couldn’t figure out how I’d had 344 hits today; I swear, the only traffic I see is from my MOM.

    Color me DEFLATED.



    I average <b>500-600</b> hits a day and then…boom!, I get over 2000 hits.

    And here I was thinking I went viral somewhere. LOL!



    Same problem…172 yesterday, 66 from WordPress referer. I’m generally averaging 20-30/day. Last week was under yesterday’s total.

    Number don’t match (as previous discussed here).

    I would appreciate a fix for this (or removng the WP referer views) as it doesn’t match the other numbers reported. My count jumped by 72 in one hour.

    I’m still having counts issues today, but not as bad (yet).




    Dear WordPress Staff.

    Any word on this? At least make this a sticky post.



    I think WordPress staff are away for perhaps a week. Not sure, but heard saw something about Budapest?


    So I see a lot of folks commenting here are feeling deflated because their perception is that the apparent increase in traffic is a farce. I was trying to be optimistic and assuming that the new numbers are in fact a more accurate portrayal of actual readership (and all the forms it comes in). Perhaps we don’t have enough information yet to know either way? If someone has an answer to this I’m all ears.



    I don’t see a problem if the new numbers are more accurate portrayal of readership; however, for long-standing blogs and archival stats data, this breaks the whole contextual picture. My stats data from the past is now useless.

    I am expecting one of two scenarios:

    1. WordPress updates the past archive of stats to reflect the new numbers, or
    2. WordPress remove these new stats number to balance the history.

    Either case, the apparent lack of response is troubling.


    ismailimail – I agree, the effect on archived stats is a mess. It doesn’t bother me personally a whole lot but it’s easy to imagine how this effects well-established blogs for whom accurate statistics are vital. I certainly hope one of your two scenarios is enacted soon.

    And I also agree that the lack of response is troubling. As kwesiwa mentioned above, I have heard whisperings (that may be entirely false for all I know) that the entire WordPress staff is at some sort of week-long conference. Have they really cut themselves off from the WP community for an entire week? And if so, why on earth would they implement such a drastic feature change right before their hiatus?

    I love WP, but this is all very odd.



    This is what Staff have stated:

    Support is closed while the company meets up and works together for the next week. We will be back on October 29th. http://en.support.wordpress.com/contact/

    Note that Staff are still monitoring all forum threads and attending to those that have high priority first, for example, there those who cannot access their blogs at all. Note also when changes are made a flap follows but they are rarely every rolled back. I’ve seen that happen only once or twice in the 5 1/2 years I have been here.



    It may not be possible to update historical statistics. If the collection of the new numbers is the result of new technology capturing those RSS hits now, it would not be possible to “go back”.

    In a case like this, I can understand that the numbers will just be different from a particular point in time.

    However, the maths not adding up bothers me. The Total Views number should be the same in all places, I think. Although it may not be possible to tell which pages RSS feeds “viewed”.

    Only staff can tell us.


    Thanks for the info, timetheif. I’m afraid in the context I don’t know what a “flap” is or how one can be “rolled back”… but I’m not too concerned about it. Haha. I trust that our concerns will be addressed in good time. :)



    I do not buy the idea of staff being out or staff working on other important issues. It was suggested earlier that this is due to a new feature being tested, so people are working in the background. A no-response is reasonable if there is an explanation issued already. But in this case, there has been no explanation except for 50 plus comments by people who are frustrated.

    I would be willing to deal with the issue of historical record later on if the stats of last few days would corroborate somehow, but math just doesn’t add up. There is no one coming to my site from wordpress.com and this huge referrer is not even adding anything to the Top Post/Link widgets.

    It would have been better if WordPress had shutdown the stats window to test their new features. I understand that for bloggers who blog for hobby, this is not a significant issue, but my blog is a community based service and it used to average 2K daily until things broke down and now it is no longer relevant that it all of a sudden averages 6K.for last few days and with no explanation whatsoever from the host company. At this point, the least I am expecting is that staff takes this as a serious issue and post a sticky on the front page. I know explanations would come later on as they always have and eventually things will be normalized.



    Even with the stats capturing new data, I can’t believe they’re correct… the stats say I had my best day ever yesterday (1,200+ hits, my previous best day was probably 700-800) when I haven’t even made a new post in over a week? It just doesn’t seem realistic…but I’ll be thrilled if I’m wrong!



    For me, averaging the week the months before only 20-25 days and all of a sudden having my numbers jump by 72 in one hour (I believe it was about 50 in 10-15 minutes window – and all of them from WP referer) when I didn’t do anything at that time doesn’t add up.

    Already that we are counting views and not individual visitors is a disavantage stat wise IMHO.


    Well, I’m glad I am not alone… I too am having the traffic “increase” related to wordpress.com referrers. At first, like many others, I was super excited thinking maybe people were starting to enjoy my “SecondLife pixel fashion sense” more, but then soon realized… yeah no. :( It’s not even April Fools!!!

    I don’t understand what it all means, but I do gather enough information from this forum to know that 48338298292 views on my blog are not accurate stats of actual people viewing my blog. How disappointing… :(



    Yeah there’s no way this many people are reading my blog via RSS or Email subscription. I think what’s happening is that feed aggregators are counted in the total. So every time the feed aggregator is loaded, you get a hit. I’m on one semi-popular feed aggregator, so I think that’s what’s giving me lots of hits. Certainly nobody reading my blog…



    I found this topic though spanish forums. Yesterday I had 22 visits from “WordPress”. A little strange. I understand that when they come from “WordPress Dashboard”, but 22 from only WordPress has no sense for me. Is a mistake or a disguised dangerous site? Because not much ago I recieved a spam from “WordPress” urging me to upload an I-don´t-know-what-program that will do my blog more readable (?).
    Well, is these yesterday 22 visits are right, no problem, only that I´m a little surprised.



    Just check that those many hits in a short time are actually from WP as the referrer, if you have something like Sitemeter. I am having two different issues happening, the WP as referrer issue AND another crazy issue of many hits in less than a minute! https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/72-pages-in-53-seconds?replies=16

    So are some other people.

    My WP as referrer hits are spread throughout the day, not in a small window of time. I HAVE noticed that they do not tally to the total blue RSS view count shown on the indiviual post graphs though.



    Same thing has been happening to me for the last 2 or 3 days now. Not just that, but the Stats at a Glance bar graph on each of those days shows more visits than the those logged on the Top Posts and Pages list. Of all the hits that are coming in, only some are being registered as actual blog post/page views…



    Same thing has been happening to me for the last 2 or 3 days now.

    Here is a breakdown of the stats with count from WP referer versus actual views on the side page (which don’t include the WP referers)

    Oct 18: 66 / 106
    Oct 19: 18 / 35
    Oct 20: 47 / 28
    Oct 21 (until 6pm*): 3 / 29 – normally on the big WP referer days, the count shotup in the evening.

    Over the last 3 days (prior to today):

    The WP referer accounted for 131 of total views versus the actual page views of 169. So my stats are inflated by 178% on the course of these 3 days. I would like to know what is happening. My stats are important when dealing with potential readers/customers for marketing purposes.

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