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  1. Timethief, thank you for your suggestion of Sitemeter, I am still a newbie with blogs and appreciate any tips I can get, and really appreciate all the time you have spent answering questions of mine here in the forums. I don't even know what a blog being "quantified" means (as something other than our stats reports) or "metrics", will follow your link and check it out. I got a "flagmeter" after seeing a mention of that somewhere in these forums, and have noticed that its daily stats don't always match the WP ones, and they don't have the month by month or week by week comparison bars-- I like those features in the wp stats, visually appealing and easy to understand...

  2. Hey guys -- founder of here.

    Good news: We've historically been vastly undercounting your stats, and we're starting to fix this.

    Bad news: There are some bugs with how things add up, meaning that they don't. I apologize for undue excitement this may have caused.

    More good news: Although support is closed, we're working on this. We'll fix it ASAP.

  3. Matt, past stats needs to match up with the future stats.

  4. Matt:

    Thank you for posting an update and addressing our concerns. It got really quiet here for a moment (when support had not chimed in), which as we all know is not how operates. We look forward to the fix.

  5. Thank you for the update Matt. I hope after you guys sort out the bugs that you clearly explain the new counts to un-savvy bloggers like me.

    ismailimail--I'm thinking if there is a clean break in the stats history, with new criteria and counting methods starting today, maybe it won't be so bad, esp if there is a notation or something at that date in our stat hist like *statistics now incorporate rss data....or whatever it is that is new.

    What I hope is that the new data are explained to us and quantified in their OWN sub-box so I can discount them or not if I don't feel they are "real" (as in a real person looking at my real words).

    I want to know how a count of an rss view is made---is it just made by a user going to the page that has all her feeds? even if she doesn't look at my post? All my posts are now set up to go in feeds as summaries only, so if no one clicks to go to my site, it literally means they chose to NOT read my post, so I do not want to count that as a "view". And even if my post appeared in its entirety on feeds, from what I understand, I would still have no clue as to whether the person even looked at it or not...
    I would appreciate having a one-time indication if someone has added my blog to their feed, but not a 'view count' every time they access their feed reader without coming to my blog...

  6. kevinfromcanada

    My thanks to Matt as well for supplying at least a partial update. Once we get further along and the "off-site" is complete, I hope someone will explain just exactly what or whom a " referrer" is. I can contemplate a number of options, but perhaps a real explanation would help.

  7. No problem, sorry this is so confusing. It's actually not just RSS so don't get stuck on that idea, but in general you probably have more readers than we were previously representing through our legacy stats.

  8. eyeonearlyeducation

    I echo some of the concerns here -- not wanting "false" page views -- i.e. counting appearances on feeds that are not clicked on. Also I am not particularly tech savvy, so I don't know if my next question is even a possibility as a potential issue. That said, I also don't want any clicks double counted -- counted as a click (a real click) from a feed and also counted the old way.

  9. Thanks Matt for getting in on this, BUT, what's your definition of "ASAP".

    Is it within a couple days of now or a couple days after 10/29 or whenever?

    Based on a recommendation of one of your volunteers, i signed up for sitemeter. So far, their stats seem to track with WP minus the referrer hits. So, what the heck is the reason for the increased traffic?

    So, we can't go to the basic "dashboard home" to find the hits for the day. We have to drill down to find out the real number and what pages were hit.

    I don't do search engines, I don't do the RSS feed, I have limited email subs, so what the heck is causing the increase in hit? Don't you think this is a bigger problems than having everyone at a offsite party?

  10. Eyeonearlyeducation -- That's not what is happening so don't worry about it.

    Spinningstar -- I wouldn't recommend Sitemeter on, because it uses images instead of Javascript it isn't really an accurate view of your stats or the reach of your audience.

  11. Someone also suggested Quantcast. It seems the spike in the recent stats does not match with what Quantcast is showing. They are showing me the stats as they were before the recent change.

    It would be helpful if WordPress were to explain where a referrer from is coming from?

  12. Hello Matt,

    Re sitemeter - the world map is cool and it is interesting to see where the readers are physically. I haven't found that info on WP, but I could be looking in the wrong place. IF there is another spot to look at that type of info on WP, let me know! Perhaps it is on the paying side of things, which is ok.

    Are you guys going in a direction to give us more info re the physical location of the incoming hits, what pages they are looking at etc?

    I am still confused about it all since the hits seem to come in batches (according to that little graph in the upper left corner) but what are they looking at? Who are they? How are they getting in the stats?

    I guess we'll all be waiting for more info when you can give it to us - could you do a post on it, so it's easier to find out other than coming back to the forum all of the time.


  13. Like everyone, I am having the same issue. What I am is a writer and absolutely "technically challenged" so I don't understand most of what people are writing, I AM SO CONFUSED. I don't know whether to be happy or sad about the increased traffic...

  14. kevinfromcanada

    It is not filling me with confidence that no one is even bothering to try to say what (or whom) a referrer is -- surely in the interests of transparency someone could say what it is, not what it is not (which is what Matt has said so far). There is a major credibility issue here and WordPress needs to address it sooner, not later.

  15. My referrals have been stuck on 18 since early this morning which is giving me hope that this issue has finally been sorted

  16. kevinfromcanada

    Ismailimail: I have been tracking my Quantcast figures through this whole debacle. When you use their Page Views number (which is what WordPress measures, although they try to makes us think it is visitors), they are showing 80-85 per cent of the WordPress number including the questionable "referrer" hits -- which would indicate to me that Matt is right in suggesting that the new numbers are more, rather than less, valid. Also supporting his very short statement is that I know on "big hit days" before, Quantcast has shown a bigger number of page views than WordPress did.

  17. Matt, if you don't recommend Sitemeter, what DO you recommend?

  18. lhusten: I recommend our built-in stats, but I'm biased. :)

    spinningstar: We have been considering some geo-centric views for stats. I find it quite fun as well to see where people are coming from, especially if it's from a place I'd never imagine meeting someone from before.

  19. I have had a counter called Flag Counter for quite a while now because I was sorta curious about location/ countries my readers were coming from.

    I have definitely noticed that my FlagCounter's pageview count is consistently higher than my WordPress pageview stats---I can't compare exactly since Flag Counter's "day" always starts and ends based on UTC (British time) while WP daily stats are based on visits in one day of my local time zone. But it is a fairly large discrepancy, always with higher pageviews on Flag Counter.

    I do have some qualms about Flag Counter because it turns out that many (most?) of their members are totally obsessed with "collecting" flags of obscure countries regardless of whether these "flags" even read their blog content! I found this out after posting a technical question on their forums. Members from other countries jump around from site to site thinking they are doing you a big favor by giving you a coveted national flag!

  20. Matt, I like the WP stats too, but I also like some of the features in Sitemeter, including the hourly graphs and the IP address/domain information for recent users, though I'd love to have a permanent record of all this info!

  21. If you run more than one stats system the numbers will never, ever, in a million years line up exactly, for a variety of reasons. This is true even of the fancy paid systems. All stats are approximations.

  22. From 1000 WP referrals to none in the blink of an eye ..... what was the point

  23. >>>Good news: We've historically been vastly undercounting your stats, and we're starting to fix this.

    LOL... I said this, years ago --and got put down for it, they said:
    'I didn't know what I was talking about' --'WP was tech savvy' --I was wrong, blah blah.... Meanwhile: WP stats have been anywhere from 40% to 110% lower --daily, than other counters. (One day: nearly 500% lower!)

    Do I care --Do I want Answers --do I want This Fixed --and ASAP? LOL, nope.

    I write essays --and remedies, organic -creative -thoughtful real remedies for problems --in society, health, politics, finance, people's lives. In a few fields I can translate complex -complicated material and make it understandable to busy uninformed people who don't get whatever. I get to say What I want --When I want --The Way I want --with No Interference/censorship/pressure from any source whatsoever --with Barely a thought How to publish --and for Free!

    If ONE person: finds a piece I wrote --clicks on it --reads --gets it, I am DEE-lighted. --My most popular post: has 77 comments; will get more, when I re-open Comments next year; that's thrilling. --How Else could I communicate with so many people? The only bad thing, for me: if some tech thing doesn't function --confuses me.

    How the blog looks -every part of it that makes it possible to publish: all gravy, to me. If WP never "fixes" stats: so what.

    Thanks for posting, Matt

  24. I can tell you all where some of these are coming from. Not having the HUGE hit counts some of you lucky popular people have it is easier for me to trace. You know the tab next to Freshly Pressed where your subscriptions are listed? They show up as WP as referrer. A subscriber of mine clicked om my post from her tab and on my Android the regerral shows with a full URL rather than just and it took me to that tab. it is also counted in all my totals, so the totals equal now. For me with that refertal anyway.

  25. sorry about the typos. hate capacitive touch screens. resistive much better

  26. also used to get a lot of traffic from web crawlers....that too seems to have magically dissipated

  27. Seems we are back to the old stats? The bars are not moving much today.

  28. kevinfromcanada

    We do seem to be back to the old system. Wouldn't it be nice if someone just checked in with a short message when they made a change? I don't think that is too much to ask.

  29. That could explain it!

  30. Wondered what happened to my stats! Went from an average of 150 day to about 800. Hoping this gets reolved soon, my blog stats are critical to my blog survival.

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