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    I find it really strange – some of you are reporting similar stats to my usual stats, yet I never witnessed the huge increase many of you are reporting. I find that very odd in itself.



    I’ve had 289 referrals from WordPress.com this week (oh wonderful!) and now–today–suddenly–there are 0 referrals from WordPress.com, even though I’ve published anew blog. Are others still getting referrals from WordPress? Alas, were our increased hits only a Cinderella Story? Or is something else happening now? Eagerly leaning forward to hear any updates…



    Yesterday and today the WordPress.com referrers, that jaw-dropping unexplained load of them, has stopped. Anyone else experience that? Has there been a reason/resolution explained that I missed? Thanks!


    Hi Matt – would like to know if the stats of who viewed my photography site has a way of indicating:
    1) what time am/pm
    2) what location
    3) if it’s other wordpress users
    4) whether or not it registers my viewing of it when I am updating it to distinguish me vs. other viewers


    I’ve had a small jumpt for a few visits to 20 for October 16, 2011 was this when the new features came about? I’d like to know if there could be a feature that would identify the viewers in some way.



    Is this the last word….a simple blip….no ramifications….no meanings…no change….and what about those supposed under reported numbers…..much storm and fire….now a poor whimper



    bschiffwork, I second your sentiments.



    Hi other bloggers, hi Matt,

    Our blog (an academic blog for a University research project) has had the same issue that many of you reported. We suddenly started seeing a spike in visits, attributable to (anonymous) wordpress.com referrers. I can also confirm that it stopped yesterday. There are no more wordpress.com referrers and our daily statistics are back to the average number of visits prior to the sudden surge.

    Matt, if and when you are allowed and able to, could you please get back to us on whether this means the new stats counting system that you were apparently testing has been aborted or whether it means it needs more work before it can be launched?

    I am asking because our blog is a professional one and our statistics the only way of knowing how many people we are reaching, approximately. We would therefore like the statistics to be as accurate as possible and we are a bit troubled by the sudden changes, since it makes interpretation of the statistics (Are we attracting more readers? Which type of subject are people most interested in? etc.) near impossible as long as we do not know what a wordpress.com referrer stands for.

    We are by the way very pleased with the functionality and ease of use of wordpress.com! Thank you very much for the services you offer!

    All the best!


    Hi Stijn,
    Good entry.
    Our website too relies on accurate statistiscs and we’d like to know just exactly who is reading our entries. Are they passers’ through? Subscribers? Aree there particular entries that are more poplular than others?
    We need to able to reach as far as we can globally and the spike in stats was so encouraging only to find out that this was a glitch.
    Can we know ahaed of time what is coiming for us and how to interpret our stats?



    We also have a corporate blog, and I agree with Stijn’s post too. I trust that the WordPress folks will respond when the whole matter is settled (note that this thread is still marked “not resolved”). I’m keeping an eye on this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not resolved before the end of the month, when support is fully up and running again.



    I too would like some kind of proper explanation as to what on earth is going on.

    I only started the blog on WordPress in October. After nine years blogging almost daily on Livejournal, I wanted a fresh start, something new,

    Like others, I picked up a spike in stats, and was rather pleased that after a week with few viewers, that ‘word was spreading’ and I was getting a decent number of views. (Tiny compared to many, but a couple of hundred views daily was quite gratifying to me.)

    And, again, like others I got a rude awakening yesterday when the number plummeted back to, I presume, what it should be.

    Reviewing this thread, however, it seems that no-one, including WordPress/Matt knows exactly what the stats should be, since no explanation has been forthcoming as to what the “WordPress Referrer” links include… and what they don’t.

    It would be very nice to at least know that, and nicer still to have stats that are explained, and are useful.


    Like several others in this forum, I track blog use and growth so I need accurate, reliable statistics. And I need to know what they measure. I am pleased that you reverted to the old system while you work out the kinks in the new approach.

    As someone who reports monthly on blog use, could you please reformat the stats from the “Week of WordPress.com as Referrer” back to the old system so we don’t have to hand calculate our blog stats?

    My stats spiked starting October 18 through October 24. As things stand now, for instance, I anticipate subtracting the wordpress views from the totals and recalculating average daily use. Please save me from this chore.

    Thank you.



    It is exactly 7 days for my stats when they have gone out of the normal boundary. Here is how weird they look. The block of seven days are totally out of place.


    If we have been undercounted, as Matt suggested earlier, than we should get our stats from the past reflect the accurate count (which would give my blog a huge boost in numbers).



    Wow – my difference was not nearly that major!



    I don’t know what to believe in my stats anymore. Last week it was a roller coaster with extreme highs and lows, while this week I’m flatlining. Everything is so out of whack, I don’t know what is normal at this point.



    Wow– this has been an interesting thread. I didn’t get much of the jump in stats that so many people have mentioned, but this week I definitely have a flat-line, and much lower than what I would normally expect (while Feedburner and Flagcounter are reading the same as usual). I came here looking for a reason for that drop in traffic, so I was surprised to see others talking about a spike.

    I guess we just have to wait a week or so while they work out the kinks in the system. At least, I’m glad to know it’s nothing I’ve done to chase my readers away…


    Yes went ffrom what I would have thought was a “normal” flow of readers, to a tremendous spike! And now today I have had no referrers whatsoever, two yesterday and am also flatlining. I am not sure how to think about waht kind of readership I have had. at all in the past.
    I am truly hoping that all will be revealed in time and that we will have an accurate stats accounting. My survivorship on this work related blog, depends on growth.



    Is there any sort of update on this? Almost a week ago there was the statement that “We’ve historically been vastly undercounting your stats” from Matt the Founder.

    Since then, the big blip of wordpress.com referrers seems to have subsided, and traffic has returned to about normal, at least for my site, which meanders into the “thousand or so page views a day” range. It jumped 3x-4x during the referral flurry.

    So what does it mean? Was that all a mistake? Are stats being vastly undercounted again, or were they not being undercounted in the first place?


    Zouve,I am wondering exactly the same things.
    Were stats ever correct, based on that statement?
    Was the “flurry real stats? or a blip?
    When will we hear resolution and have some assuarnace that stats are accurate going forward.



    Hmmm… weird that some of you are saying this has subsided, because mine just started spiking today, with WP saying no referrers aside from three from Twitter.


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