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  1. bellavitabella

    If "" is showing up as a referrer on my blog, what does that mean?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It means another logged in member of clicked into your blog from their dashboard.

  3. What if this has happened just today, over a 1000 times. My traffic has gone nuts today and I can't figure out why because the only referrer is and the posts/pages do not reflect the hit counts. It's extremely strange.

  4. Have you been Freshly Pressed, perhaps?

  5. First thing I thought, but I looked and can't find it. How would I find that?

  6. Also if you have another blog and have posted a link to it then the traffic could be coming in from that link.

  7. Same thing is happening to me - not as extreme, but 53 visits from in the last 1 hour. Strange.

  8. Nope. Not on fresh pressed, not from another blog I have, checked those states. I thought maybe some hotlink? Because, once again, it's not showing up as clicks on posts or pages. So, I have no idea where traffic is landing. I even thought it was a featured theme blog, no go on that either. But it's given me my best day ever just not like I would want it.

  9. In my case, I had a super-popular post 2 days ago, but that wouldn't explain why everything's coming from the home page specifically.

    I sadly think mine must be a bug because I don't use tags - just categories. And I don't have that many wordpress users who read directly from their dashboard.

  10. Yeah, there is some mis-count bug here. My total page views is equal to my total views of posts plus referrals from Total page views should equal total views of posts, since that now includes homepage landings.

    I get the feeling it is counting my own navigation of my dashboard, as that has been up quite a bit as I have been trying to figure out where I could possibly be linked on to get such traffic.

  11. I'm sorry but we Volunteers don't know why this is suddenly happening. I previously flagged this thread for Staff attention and can do not more than that.

  12. I'm reporting the same behavior. Ton of traffic from to my homepage, but I don't see any particular story at the site.

  13. much the same

  14. Sigh. Me, too.

  15. That's rather odd, we're looking into this.

  16. sensuouscurmudgeon

    It's happening to me too. I've got over 600 from, and no post has has even 100 today.

  17. It looks like this is a very new change. We're starting to report email subscription and feed views in your stats as referred by, hence the sudden jump.

    This feature is in its infancy, so we'll be making adjusts to it over the next several days.

  18. Well. I thought referrers from, are actually from People who have subscribed to my blog, might be visiting back. Was I wrong?

  19. Yeah, they can be from there too, but we're also counting email subscription and RSS feed page loads now.

  20. betterlifecoaching

    Thanks for the response macmanx.

    Will the email subscription and RSS page loads be assigned to a page/post so that the total views and the numbers of views on each page/post are the same?

    I hope this makes sense.

    By the way, you guys are doing an awesome job. Keep it up!

  21. They should be, eventually.

  22. betterlifecoaching

    Wow, that was a quick response.

    Thanks mate.

  23. Isn't a feed load more like a spider? I mean, probably re-loads my feed for aggregation more often than people even look at it, and personally, I have my RSS aggregator read RSS feeds at least once a day, and that doesn't mean that I'm reading them.

    I'd feel much better if you opened a separate "RSS loads" category for these, instead of mixing them with genuine referrals, since everyone that has registered his blog on a RSS aggregator will just receive unusable stats that are (for me) ten times higher than expected.

  24. I agree with marcmutz - this new feature would be extremely useful but as it is now it acts more like a bug ;) and hides genuine referrals. here's hoping it gets adjusted in the future.

    thanks for your help btw - and keep up the awesome job! :)

  25. I second it. My data is totally skewed now. I don't like the new system at all, does not give me an accurate gage of readers.

  26. Still a bunch of bugs in the new "feature" as of 5:35 am local time:

    19 Views today (right under graph)
    14 referrers from WordPress.COM
    4 referrers from other places I recognize

    5 - Top Posts and Pages views

    1 - search engine referal

    0 - Clicks

    So still a few bugs in what and how things are counted - the general idea of showing RSS referrals and such if fine - but even taking my shoes off and counting on both fingers and toes things don't add up.

    According to Sitemeter there were 5 Page views this morning so far.

  27. I have 2200+ views already today. Absolutely ludicrous.

  28. zhenyakanaevagymnasium

    me too strange situation...12 referrers from WordPress.COM and my total views today doesn't equal to the Total views of posts on my blog...the difference is just the 12 referrers from WordPress.COM

  29. I'm having the same problem and I don't understand the explanation. Sorry. I'm new to all of this. I have 46 views yesterday and 41 views today and I don't have any subscribers that I know of. I don't undertstand this.


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