WordPress.com Blog Feed URL not correct. Why?

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    Hi there

    It seems so easy to subscribe to my wordpress blogs feed,
    however my htc-phone always tells me I’d be using the wrong url :(
    blog: christiantbrunner.wordpress.com
    feed(?): christiantbrunner.wordpress.com/feed
    Do you know, why my phone telld me the url does not work, and why I cannot subscribe to my blogs feed?
    Thanks alot!


    The blog I need help with is christiantbrunner.wordpress.com.



    Hi Christian,

    I am checking this out on the PC, and it’s opening up fine. Did you try entering the feed url manually.

    Also check, christiantbrunner.wordpress.com/feed/atom

    See if that works.


    Hi chrunchedd

    Thanks for your help.

    Entering manually, check /feed/atom/:
    I’m afraid it doesn’t work that way either.
    It has got to be a problem of my phone.
    I’ll try christiantbrunner.wordpress.com/feed/
    and christiantbrunner.wordpress.com/feed/atom
    from some other phones.
    Thanks again in the meantime.

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