Need help? Check out our Support site, then blog sending OS X Mavericks push notifications

  1. Hello all... I was wondering if you guys know how to set my blog to send push notifications to OS X Mavericks users...


    P.S.: "Pronto" is no longer online...



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hey dutecnic,

    I may have an answer for you...

    I actually built a plugin that does just this, but it is for self-hosted WordPress installs.

    However, I found that it may be possible to make it available for users if you request it. Check out the Plugin Requests section at the bottom of this Plugin Support page.

    I'll give you an overview of the plugin though in hopes that it can be added. It is called Roost for Bloggers.

    This plugin uses Roost to send notifications. What is really cool about the plugin is, anyone that visits your site on Safari in OS X Mavericks will receive the prompt for browser notifications, but you can also allow other visitors to sign up and receive push notifications to their mobile devices. The plugin also has an auto-send feature that sends notifications when you post new content.

    The plugin and service is free for bloggers. No catch. Check out the Roost for Bloggers plugin in the directory. Also have a look at the Roost site:

    (Full-Disclosure: I work for Roost.)

    I will answer any questions here, or via email. My email is dan.stever at

    As a teaser: we are actively working and updating the service to support other push-enabled browsers. Chrome should be available fairly soon, but I do not have a solid date.

  3. Thank you. For (not .org), how would it work? And would it be for free as well?

    Thanks again!


  4. In order for this to work on, you would need to request the plugin from WordPress. (Here is the link again: - check out the bottom of this page.)

    If WordPress would allow it, yes, it would be free.

    Let me know if you contact them and what their response is. We would be excited to support as well as the self-hosted sites.

    Good luck dutecnic. Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Thanks again and the links says the following:

    Plugin Requests

    If there is a plugin that you feel is a must-have and would benefit users on, then please let us know in the ideas forum! Tell us what plugin you want, where it can be downloaded and most importantly, why you think it should be included on

    All of the feedback is read, and we’re collecting the most numerous requests for implementation.

    We'll, here we are :-)


  6. Yup! No problem. Did you post in the ideas forum?

  7. Wait... Nevermind... Ha! I should have read the title here. My bad.

    Here's hoping this is all read.

  8. This post is actually on the ideas forum :-)

  9. Thanks for the suggestion and the idea.

    We'll check out various ways of using the new features of OS X.


  10. Thanks @kraftbj, please advise once you guys come with any ideas :-)



  11. Hey everyone, we are actually preparing to launch a simple plugin that automatically sends desktop push notifications to Mavericks subscribers:

    You can see it in action at

  12. Hi Alex,

    Plugins aren't allowed on for security and stability purposes.


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