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  1. Hi guys,

    anyone else notice that the Blogs of the Day seems "stuck"? I haven't seen any movement in positions in the past 24 hours.

    (I got slashdotted today and I was very surprised that it didn't make a difference to the BoTD)

  2. Supercongrats on your Slashdotting! Is there a ceremony? There should be.

    Yes, I'd wondered about BOTD today. Also POTD. There's no movement of Top Blogs or Top Posts on our dashboards either, I think.

    Strangely, the Hot Blogs list at is changing, although it's possible it's just cycling around the same pool of blogs that it scanned at a past point in time.

  3. Supercongrats on your Slashdotting! Is there a ceremony? There should be.

    A thousand linux users roast me in flames? :)

    *pictures self trussed up like a pig on a spit with an apple in his mouth while pubescent penguins dance around with home made spears like a scene out of Lord of the Flies*

  4. If you do it up as a slideshow and back it with Popozao maybe you can put it on YouTube and get a second burst of fame.

  5. Oops! The lists were allowed to stagnate for a day or so. I just freshened them for your browsing pleasure.

    engtech: isn't it nice that while you're getting roasted on your blog you still have friends in the forums? :-)

  6. Ah, when I submitted it to slashdot I knew what the result was going to be. :)

    It was interesting actually, I was reading a post by Scott Adams the other day where he talked about how riding the middle ground of being average and appealing to everyone is a guarantee of failure/disinterest and to have any kind of success with a product (or a post) some people will hate it and others will love it.

    It's so true. I think if I'd done a better job of researching my post and not having glaring factual inaccuracies it never would have taken off the way it did.

  7. Dayum! I shoulda kept my mouth shut: I went from 31 to 62!

    But it's true what you say; I think part of the reason I've got any popularity at all is that I manage to enrage people. Me and Susan Estrich. Right now I'm making fun of two of my best friends for calling the cops to report wild horses, and they can't stop hitting that post!

  8. Hello ev'ryone

    I wanna know something. Last couple of days my weblog simply disappeared from both BOTD and POTD portuguese and world lists, but i'm still posting just the way i had been before that, and my stats didn't go down or anything. Could you please tell me what could have happened? Cuz i don't wanna lose all those WP viewers that came to my blog thru those lists...

    Thanks a lot, folks
    Cheers from Brazil

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