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  1. If you would like to chat with Real Live staff, come on by on Freenode.

    There are pretty good instructions for getting on IRC here:

    Just join instead of #wordpress.

    This is just an experiment, I can't promise it'll be around forever, but come say howdy if you have a few spare minutes.

  2. That's quite a good idea.. of course just when I uninstalled mIRC as the world seems to be on Twitter. ;)

  3. If you do come in and say Hi, please do not be offended if you do not get an immediate response.
    The channel is there 24 hours a day and lots of people stay connected. So our names are there but we are asleep / walking the dog / out or whatever. But no-one is ignored so do drop by.

  4. *sigh*

    I never seemed to master IRC.

    Oh well. Have fun!

  5. I got a lot of warnings fra my anti-virus programmes. Warnings about attacks...

  6. Attacks? From where?

  7. I think I'm there, but of course, since it's my first time on anything like this, I'm at a loss what to do now ;)

  8. Just introduce yourself. :)

  9. The last time I was at IRC was when I had a different computer. Bad things happened to that computer. I'm scared now to come to IRC. I really want to come see what you guys are up to, ... just can't afford to go through that again. Any tips for a non technical person?

  10. I am new here ...looks like i will have to drop by irc also sometimes.

  11. IRC doesn't do anything to computers.

    Just download if you're on Windows and you're good to go. :)

  12. I did not say where the attacks came from. Norton's little window popped up and said that several attacks had been avoided. It always disappears again by itself quite quickly and I did not get a chance to click on it.

    But I wrote about it in here just in case. Various evil attacks of all kind tend to look for an opening where there is one and a lot of people from WP would start downloading the chat programme at the same time.

    I don't know - I just felt that I ought to mention it in this thread.

  13. I do not suspect IRC in particular. There are lots of other possibilities..

  14. 1.65 meg? That's tiny enough even I can install it on this old Pentium III.

  15. "Unable to join channel. Invite only"

  16. Typo. Now I'm in.

  17. got in myself. good idea.

  18. If you have Firefox you can install chatzilla - it is much like mIRC etc.

  19. Nobody is in there, ever, it seems.

  20. There has been at least 8 people in there all day rain :)


  21. I'm there all the time but active between 9am-midnight usually.

    Just say Hi :)

    (I don't know about other clients but mine sets the dock icon bouncing if you mention my name, so if you 'ping markr' I will see it. And if I don't answer I'm not actually in front of the computer. It's a rare event but it does happen :) So try the ping on others too.)

  22. Okay, I found the problem. It's connecting to instead of freenet. How do I change that?

  23. Depends on the program, but usually it is in the "connection" settings or preferences. Maybe the following codex page on irc can help as there are quite a few examples of settings for programs to connect.

    Hope that helps out raincoaster!


  24. I used those instructions. The problem with that is that Freenode does not appear on the drop-down list.

  25. Well, I guess this just beyond me. I have tried another client and I cannot connect. This is the stuf I get
    Looking up IP number for
    Found IP number:
    Contacting server
    Connection with (49152) established
    *** Looking up your hostname
    *** Checking Ident
    *** No ident response
    *** Found your hostname
    PING 3649327844
    *** Ident broken or disabled, to continue to connect you must type /QUOTE PASS 12847
    *** ERROR Closing Link: claudecf by (Authorization Timeout) is closing the connection
    Connection with closed
    You are not connected to a server
    Looking up IP number for
    Found IP number:
    Contacting server
    Connection with (49153) established
    *** Looking up your hostname
    *** Checking Ident
    *** ERROR Closing Link: by ([throttled] No challenge response received. (expires in 3m12s)) is closing the connection (Connection reset by peer)
    Connection with closed

  26. rain - you are using chatzilla?

    claude connected though :)

  27. This is using Chatzilla on Firefox:

    Install Chatzilla:

    Restart Firefox, check in the Tools menu and click the program.
    You see this:
    Click freenode

    In the bottom box, type this then hit Return:

    and then you are in:

  28. Chatzilla is working for me, except that you can never close firefox windows or am I mistaken?
    I tried X Chat Aqua, but never seem to see any user... Just myself, no idea what I am doing wrong

  29. I think I need to configure X Chat Aqua differently, but don't understand what I am doing wrong

  30. I am using mIRC. Do I have to use Chatzilla? And why wouldn't the instructions, which are written for mIRC, work?

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