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  1. mirc will work - it's just the server you can't get?

  2. Yes, apparently I'm in some void called on another server. Will try again.

  3. Right, so this is what I get:

    3 Now talking in
    03* sets mode: +nt
    03* Now talking in
    03* sets mode: +nt
    03* Now talking in
    03* sets mode: +nt
    * Now talking in
    * sets mode: +nt

  4. And a lot of gong sounds. I get a LOT of gong sounds.

  5. I'm too stupid to figure out chat but I'm smart enough to know that your LaTeX software is quite broken. We now get "Formula Does Not Parse" messages for things that used to parse perfectly. For example, see the thread here,

    or, if they don't let html in the comments, go to:


  6. rain - it looks like that isn't freenode. You are using mirc still?

    When it is open, what happens when you click irc://freenode/ ?

  7. carlbrennenn - you need to start a new thread but there are several restrictions on what can be posted in comments.

  8. i want to know how to find other members.

  9. HI I'm new to wordpress! Question...How do I remove a profile picture I recently uploaded? Or how do I change it?

  10. Ask in the main forum or do a search using the box at the top of the forums.

    Mark, I stripped out mIRC but may reinstate it once I get my new server up and alive. No timeline on that, but maybe over the next two weeks.

  11. Chat is working fine. :)

  12. sharonrosecatalan

    i used to chat in mirc before... but now its virc... looks like mirc as well...

  13. If you don't want to install mIRC or whatever, I have a copy of PJIRC, a Java based IRC client, running on my site that you all are welcome to use. :)

  14. Thanks, viper007bond. It seems to work, although nobody is talking to me. Is it something I said?

  15. If you mention the "username" of someone is the room, it gets their attention if they are on the computer. The "attention" depends on the program being used, but most makes sounds and flash at you :)


  16. I don't want to flash anyone!

  17. Try mentioning beer or ramen noodles. That seems to get their attention in #wordpress.

  18. Please keep this topic to just the chat channel discussion everyone! :)


  19. They certainly have a very professional spamming program.


    This is a great web based IRC client.

    Pls give it a try! It works great for me.

  21. Can i make my site address without wordpress

  22. Well that's pretty compelling.

  23. i donno i think about it ^^

  24. Prabin75, it would be best if you create a new topic for your support question as it is not about the topic of this thread :)


  25. Just wanted to leave a public "thanks" for markr and Trent. I signed on a bit earlier to the irc chat room (using the mibbit website that elfgoh recommended so I wouldn't have to download yet another app to my hard drive), seeking help for a problem I was having and the response was great. So refreshing to communicate in RT, instead of digging through forum posts and FAQ tags. Markr and Trent were very helpful. Thanks guys!

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