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  1. Hi there. I have recently opened up a site, and upgraded to 'premium' to gain access to CSS. However, I've come to understand that working in the built-in editor is somewhat limiting, and I don't feel I have a clear insight on all the theme scripts my site is using (and which I want to customise).

    I downloaded Cyberduck, but was unable to connect to my site. Reading around, I'm now uncertain whether it's even possible to edit a .com wordpress site in this way. Is this only possible with a .org site?

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    (I am working on a mac)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello!
    Yes, that is correct. WordPress.COM does not allow 3rd party themes or plugins.

    See here for the difference:

  3. Hi - thanks for getting back to me. Okay that's as I understood it then.

    So would it be fair to say that sites are a lot less flexible in terms of how you can edit themes via CSS?

    I mean, if you cannot see and edit the original style sheets directly; but instead only add new code to the built-in CSS editor - it seems very constrained. Or am I missing something?

  4. are more flexible. is the open source software that you completely customize. does not require the CSS upgrade because it comes with it. For editing themes in you just find the style-sheet in the theme folder and you can edit it from there with your favorite text-editor.

    The essential trade-off is that while is customizable you need to have some technical knowledge (html/css, how to install themes and plugins etc.) whereas is the opposite, you need not to have technical knowledge but in doing so you give-up the ability to make it totally customizable.

    Does that answer your question?

  5. Yes, this is really useful. Thanks. I think I ought to have gone with a .org site then. Since:

    So, a site is £11 per year... then you have to find a server. (bluehost for instance is only $3 per month ). I can then work in something like Cyberduck, with theme scripts etc.

    While a site, with the upgrade to Premium (for CSS) was £70 (per year), but I'm kinda restricted in making changes.

  6. That is correct, you will need a domain name and a server in order to run the software.

    With CSS upgrade you can make CSS changes on the site. Though, I am not sure to what extent you can make CSS changes on themes. Regardless, with you only use themes NOT 3rd party themes such as Cyberduck.

    It kinda depends on what you want, what is best for your users/readers/followers, and your level of technical skill.

    See here for

  7. You're very very helpful - thanks! Well, I own the domain name; I believe that can be transferred to a site, if I bought a package - is that correct?

    I was able to make several changes through the CSS editor; but for example, I cannot make changes that automatically apply to all my posts or pages. And I cannot look at the css style sheet of the theme, and edit it directly.

    (Cyberduck wasn't the theme I was using; it was a FTP application I tried; but I understand your point about third-party themes.)

  8. is the free open-source software. You would use it with your host and sever. WordPress.ORG would come with a CSS editor, WordPress.COM requires you to buy it as an upgrade. With WordPress.ORG you can access the style-sheets once you download the theme and then edit them with your favorite text-editor.
    For theme questions related to see here

    If you have further questions about, consider creating posts in the WordPress.ORG forum

  9. Thank you very much - this was very helpful.

  10. You are welcome.

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