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  1. Hi, I was wondering if I uploaded wordpress to a hosting site (in my case bluehost)would I still have to log into to edit my site? If not, where would the admin panel for wordpress be?

    I know this sounds stupid but I'm a true beginner and would really love someone to help without mocking. Thanks!!

  2. If you owned, the you would login at

    When you install there are links on the blog so you'll be fine.

  3. Thanks for responding so quickly, Mark!!

    I've tried logging on to my site using that address format but I'm redirected to
    Could it be because before I bought hosting, I already had an existing account in the same name? Should I delete my blog and start from scratch? There is nothing on it so I wouldn't be against it.

    When I log on, I see nothing that would indicate I'm hosting wordpress. There is no lunk to plugins and I'm still being told I need to pay for upgrades if I want to change the CSS...

  4. Where is your new domain?

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