Need help? Check out our Support site, then didn´t work for about 50 minutes today.

  1. 3delamadrugada


    I´m from madrid, spain. I´m just starting with wordpress. today I was not able to enter or my blogs or the forums or whatever for about 50 minutes.

    I tryed it from 3 diferent browsers and two different computers (with 3g conexions). all the rest of webs and things worked properlly, so it was not a conexion problem, nor a problem of my computers, nor a problem of my browsers.

    my question then is... what did it happened?
    does this happen some times in

    I´m afraid this can also happen to people trying to enter my blog...

    thanks a lot.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yes, a network issue affected all of for approximately one hour. Everything is back up and should be working normally now.

  3. 3delamadrugada

    hello, thanks for the info, but please, answer me some of my questions....

    does this use to happen sometimes?

    and a new one...

    what kind of network issue was it?

    thank you again.

  4. Downtime on is rare, but it can happen occasionally.

  5. We have a bit more information on our status page here -

  6. Thanks bookmarked the link...

  7. cindyashleymiller

    During the service outage, i received a one sentence message on my screen, saying "...WordPress will be operating again ASAP."

    That message was very useful, as i originally thought that i might be having browser issues.

  8. For anyone that would like to see if is down or if it's a connection issue on your end you can use this link it works for any site →

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