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  1. What's the difference if I buy my domain here in wordpress against in namecheap? What's the pros and cons? And lastly, do accept paypal payments from unverified accounts? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hey, anybody wants to help? I need urgent answers please. I already have my site and I don't know where to buy a good domain and I'm still torn between buying the site redirect upgrade or not. Please help. Thanks

  3. Are you ware that and are totally separate?
    Please read this > vs The Differences does not sell domain names separate from domain mapping upgrades.
    If you purchase a domain mapping ugrade and register your domain through and later want it to point to a blog or website hosted elsewhere then you can do this by updating the nameservers.

  4. yes I am fully aware of all of that. How about my question on the features of the domain if I buy one from than other registrars?

  5. I forgot to add that the only methods of payment to are verified PayPal accounts and major credit cards. See here > Dasboard > Store

    A domain name is a domain name is a domain name. What do you mean by "features"?

  6. my access to the domain name. Hmm if that is so, can I ask my friend to pay for it instead but with my name on the details? Thank you. You are very helpful.

  7. Note that the domain mapping upgrade must be purchased by the username account that the blog is registered to.

  8. then I will let him access this account?

  9. If you give your friend your log-in info then they can buy the upgrade for you - keep in mind that they will have the ability to totally destroy the site since your blog thinks they are you - so you do need to have a lot of trust with the friend - probably a good idea to change your password after your friend has purchased the upgrades just in case -

    good luck

  10. I've dealt with several registrars, and I find to be the best mix of cheap and reliable. I even keep my independently-hosted blog's domain registrar as so I can have one stop shopping in terms of service.

    I didn't answer before because I know nothing about namecheap.

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