WordPress.com Domain name Transfer for FTP access

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    Hello, I’m a new user to website creation and hosting but I’m eager to learn.
    I’m having trouble with getting traction on starting the whole process though.
    I purchased a domain name from WordPress.com, I’ve been following the guides on WordPress.org’s sites on how to start up but came to an early stop when I tried to use Filezilla to connect to the host for the FTP.
    I then realized that WordPress.com and WordPress.org are different entities entirely.
    So now I’m stuck and I can’t figure out what to do from here.
    I guess I don’t understand domains or how this whole thing works very well.

    Can I use the domain I bought from this wordpress.com website for WordPress.org or will I have to buy/transfer a new domain somewhere else? Or can I use the domain I bought here to go to a host somewhere else using WordPress and FIlezilla to manipulate the themes?

    Much appreciated

    The blog I need help with is kidtrash.com.



    I suppose what Im asking is
    How can I keep the domain address but get FTP access with filezilla and the wordpress.org tools.

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