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  1. Hello,

    I have a blog, that is gaining popularity now. I am thinking of buying a hosting space and starting a wordpress blog there. Can I start the blog( blog) on this hosting of mine and somehow keep the domain that I have?

    My idea is to keep all links to my current blog, still active and linking to the new one(after transfering the posts for exaple). If you have other ideas for doing this - I will be most grateful, as I do not want to lose the current links to my and ruin my basic SEO activities so far, and yet I want to have the full functionality, plugins and so on of a blog.

    Thank you in advance!

  2. Sorry - that was meant to be a reply to another thread, though it's not unrelated to yours.

    You can't use a domain for anything other than a blog.

    If you want to switch to a blog, you can do it in a number of stages which may minimise the loss of traffic though there will certainly be some.

    First map your blog to another domain. This will allow your current links to remain active but the url will appear as instead of

    Then you can keep the domain when you switch to self-hosting and install

  3. And can I do so that the current blog( automatically redirects to the new blog( so whenever someone tries to acces the old blog will be immediately taken to the new one?

    Thank you for the first answer:)

    I have read this FAQ before, but now I understand how mapping is working, as you mentioned the stpes above...10x again:)

  4. Well, just to be clear, the mapping works so that the blog appears as a url without the wordpress. You can then later use this same url for a blog but at that point it won't be mapped from So then all your traffic must come directly to the non-wordpress url. But the halfway stage can help.

    Whatever you do, do it sooner rather than later and expect to lose some traffic.

  5. Oh, I still hope that there is another way, but if there is not - I will think of a good way.

    Thank you!

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