Need help? Check out our Support site, then Down?

  1. FYI -- it looks like was down for everyone for some time and service is slowly being restored.

    I'm posting this here because my connection has finally returned and others may not be able to give a holler about what's going on yet.

    You may always get system status updates in the future by going here:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is also a good external website to use to check to see if the problems loading a website are only on your end or with everyone on the web:

  3. I just lost connection for a few minutes. Now it's coming back. Things are slowly restoring.

  4. I think everything is back in order now.

    I will resolve this thread.

  5. This site shows WordPress.COM and related sites status:

    At 1:20PM Pacific there was a site-wide outage/service degradation on The root cause was idenfitifed to be some debugging code which was trying to connect to servers which had been decommissioned. Once the issue was identified, it was quickly resolved and service returned to normal about 1:27PM. We are in the process of auditing our codebase to ensure the same problem will not happen in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  6. Thanks for that clarifying update, auxclass! SMILE!

    When I first visited the status page, there was a lot of red and not much explanatory text.

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