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    I have a wordpress.com site and I’ve used the new export feature to export all my content. I also have installed WordPress on my own server. I’m not seeing how I can use the XML file to import my content to my install of WordPress.

    Do I need to wait for the next version (2.1)? Or is there a way to transfer my information that I’m just not seeing.

    Thank you for you help.




    What I recall and I do stand to be corrected is that there is no wordpress to wordpress import/export ability. FAQ does have entries on the subject of importing and exporting files, although I do not know if they will answer your specific question I’m asking: have you read FAQ? You may find what you need there.



    timethief: they’re referring to the new import/export tool. Don’t worry, I never look at my dashboard either ;)

    You have four options:

    • do the export again using RSS (search or FAQ will turn up how to do this) and import it into wordpress using the RSS import tool. This has been tested and shown to work, but you will lose your comments.
    • Upgrade your wordpress install to the latest nightly build and there should be an import option there. This is risky as nightlies are not recommended for use on production sites, and unsupported on the wp.org forums. Personally, though, I’ve never had any major problems with one so you may think it worth taking the chance.
    • Wait for 2.1
    • Wait for my request for a plugin to enable this on 2.03 blogs to be acted upon ;)


    Actually I thought they were going to do a plugin for the older versions of WP. :)


    I installed the nightly and it worked perfectly. Thank you wank!

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