WordPress.com failure to make accepted replies visible.

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    Problem: WordPress.com failure to make accepted replies visible.

    I have tried 4 times to post a reply to a comment added by Jane Frankel here:

    1. The 1st time (using the “reply” link for that message) WordPress accepted my submitted reply to Jane F’s comment, but my reply does not appear on the blog.
    2. On the 2nd attempt, WordPress rejected my comment saying I couldn’t post the same comment twice.
    3. On the 3rd attempt, I tried a short message asking Jane F. to let me know if she wasn’t able to see my prior attempted message since I wasn’t able to. It appeared to be accepted but did not appear on the blog.
    4. Since that was MSIE8, to rule out any other complication, I switched to Google Chrome and on the first attempt with the Chrome browser WorldPress rejected my re-posting of my original reply because it recognized it as a duplicate.

    So apparently the WorldPress system has my reply and it’s sitting there somewhere, but why isn’t it showing up visible in the blog. The owner of the blog doesn’t have any idea (and she’s not technical). What is wrong? Why are my replies not appearing in the blog?

    Thanks in advance for helping solve this bug.

    Craig Uthe
    Blog url: http://outlivinglungcancer.com/2012/09/09/of-ebb-and-flow/#comment-5041

    The blog I need help with is outlivinglungcancer.com.



    If you made the comment multiple times, you are probably in the spam folder.



    raincoaster, the message was never submitted before the first time I mentioned above, yet it never appeared anyway despite waiting several minutes (like maybe 1/4 of an hour, I think). You might be referring to the 1st re-attempt (#2 above) and the 1st re-attempt using Chrome (#4 above), those would be duplicates of the first, but should not have prevented the first one from appearing.

    But if I understood the owner of the blog correctly, she just emailed me saying she *did* find my two different messages (#1 & #3) in the blog’s “spam” folder. I don’t know if that’s where the first attempts landed or just the re-submits, but I think it’s all of them. And I think it might be because they were answer a person’s question by offering a URL link to an inspire discussion forum for cancer survivors. So maybe that’s what’s going on? WordPress is blocking references to a useful legitimate not-for-profit-partnered web site that supports people with serious medical problems?

    If that is the problem, how do I get wordpress.com to fix it? They weren’t remote spam at all. It seems wordpress.com needs to whitelist references to inspire.com or at least those in that sub-forum within inspire.com . (They have forums for dozens of medical conditions, usually with a not-for-profit partner.)


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