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  1. i made some quizzes with the help of an ex-forumer, Juan based on the forums.

    enjoy! :)

  2. I am you as you are me as we are you and we are all together!

    I'm also the walrus, coincidentally.

    I came up as Sulz as a volunteer. :)

  3. Ha! I'm Raincoaster. :D

  4. You're not NEARLY bitchy enough!

  5. Sulz.

  6. I am sulz, too, which means I'm also KStaff and neath. That might be cool. :-)

  7. hahaha... i am, as i am, who i am. :D

  8. what I am is what I am you what you are oh why?

    I'm unaware of too many things. I know it, I know it, do you know what I mean? :-)

  9. I think sulz is saying she's Jesus? Or John Lennon, one or the other.

  10. no way, i don't want to be crucified nor assassinated! i am sulz...zlus ma i.

  11. It's so hard to tell the three of them apart.

  12. I'll help construct the first "temple of Sulz" here in the states, although admittedly the building materials available to me consist of childrens toys, like legos and lincoln logs. :)

  13. I think she'd like that, actually.

  14. yes, especially lego! i love lego. :D and my place of worship wouldn't be called a temple, it's a haven. or sanctuary. or something.

  15. Can I add some Kaula Lampur belly dancers - you know, for spiritual effect? :)

  16. i don't know any belly dancers here (though i'm sure there are)... lots of heavenly cuisine though. :D

  17. I'm devblog, tellyworth, and an old fashion troll.

  18. Actually, I belly dance. It's great exercise.
    However, I doubt I'm what you had in mind, Kstafford!

  19. I belly laugh, does that count?

  20. Six-packed belly i am. Sounds a member already?

  21. I'm raincoaster too...I wonder how that happened.

  22. It's your hatred for penguins!

  23. United against the evil hordes, indeed.
    I think the sarcasm-thing did it.

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