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Wordpress.COM how to set ALL links to open in new tab/window

  1. I need to set all the links on my website to open in new tabs. I know some people say that it's not good to force links to open in new tabs because the users should have a choice. Well I have a different situation. I am making a website for my friends and some of them are not the greatest at navigating the internet, if you know what i mean. It's practically impossible to explain to one of them what a "right click" is and I'm not exaggerating.
    Well, to the point. I need all the links to open to a new tab so my friends don't get "lost" in the internet. Basically what I mean is one of them might click on an add or get distracted by soemthing else or confuse something for something. Well anyway, let me just clarify once more that I need it for WordPress.COM not the self-hosting thing.
    Thank you very much and I hope for a reply very soon!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I found the answer myself! Anyone who needs help with this, read this:
    So if you need to have everyone open links in new window/tab then go to the blog's dashboard and click on "Settings" then go to "Sharing". Scroll down from there and click on the drop-down menu next to the words "Open link in". Then click on "New window" in the drop-down menu.

  3. Do I need to click "open in new window" in order to link two of my posts together. I have been waiting for an answer(' from support for ages.
    What I am doing is: I am copying the permalink from post A and copying it to post B, but it doesn't work. Sometimes it will work from A to B but not from B to A. I am already getting a headache.

  4. What does open in a new window mean?

  5. I tried the suggestion of setting the preference in the sharing setting, but it doesn't seem to work for links I have posted on the blogroll. I don't want to lose people from my site when they click on one of the sites on my blogroll. I want my site to still be open. How can I do this?

  6. What does open in a new window mean?

    It means that when a person click the link on your blog it opens in another window. It's used to compel users to stay on the site rather than clicking the links and clicking out of your site.

    How to set links to open in a new window
    Dashboard > Links > Edit / Add new >
    Advanced settings > Target (check the blank option)

    Posts and Pages (using the link button to create them)
    Select “Open link in a new window” from the dropdown before inserting the link. You can also go back and edit old links and check the “Open link in a new window” checkbox and then re-save the link.

    You upload the image, click File URL, insert it, then click on the image (in the visual editor), click on the edit button (mountain icon), click “Advanced Settings”, scroll down to “Target”, tick “Open link in a new window”, click Update, click Update Post.

    Or, you upload the image, click File URL, insert it, then in the html editor add this to the image code (after href… etc… jpg, with a space before it):


    With the advent of CSS3, you can also make links open in new tabs in browsers that support CSS3 using the following code:target="new"
    style="target-name: new; target-new:

    In the html editor (as well as in text widgets), instead of this:
    you write this:

  7. Oops! I forgot the backticks:

    In the html editor (as well as in text widgets), instead of this:
    <a href="URL HERE">TEXT HERE</a>
    you write this:
    <a href="URL HERE" target="_blank">TEXT HERE</a>

  8. Good information, but I have one more query to add...

    Is there a way to open RSS links (in the widgets area) in a new tab?

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