wordpress.com is hosting defamatory content!

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    I can’t believe it! wordpress.com is hosting defamatory content and supports it!

    On Friday September 21, 2012 at 9:41 pm I wrote to the abuse-Team that there is a new Blog
    only created to host defamatory content against me and some other persons. See
    “Warnung vor Nachrichten von Stef Pap, Norbert illner, Ralf Obermann.”
    All other content ist copied from other sites (without regard to copyright) to make it appear legitimate to the page!
    This is obviously and easily recognizable, but wordpress.com doesn’t delete the Post and Blog.

    The Blog is created by a german criminal, see also
    http://werle.priv-serv.net and http://abzock-forum.priv-serv.net

    But wurdpress.com is waiting for a court-order!

    To get a court order isn’t possible, because I don’t have the IP-Adress of the Owner. If I had it, the german justice had to determine the owner of the Internet access within 5-7 days. I they don’t do this, there is no way to get a court-order! If I get a court-order, it will last many month and costs much money. Till the blog will be deleted the blog will damage my reputition and harm my business! Probably it will never be deleted because there will be no court-order!

    So wordperss.com has to by categorized as a criminal hosting provider, that supports criminal content!



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    As you have already contacted the ‘abuse’ team you are wasting your time posting here. You will need to continue contact with the ‘abuse’ team, you only wrote to them 2 days ago, you haven’t given it much chance to be sorted yet.


    I wrote to them again, but that would not be necessary if they had considered this properly.

    Every day this blogpost is online it harms my business and damages my reputation what is very important for my business!



    I understand your frustration but we are just ordinary bloggers here helping out and even if we flagged this for staff they would direct you to the ‘abuse’ team section as it’s those who can help you, and staff won’t discuss such things in an open forum anyway. By posting here you are also giving that blog more viewers as this thread will be indexed by Google (almost immediately) and people will click the link to see what it’s all about!!


    wordpress.com answered that I had to send a court-order, then (and not before) they will delete the posting. So I have to use every chance to get it deleted! Also everyone should know about the dubious and illegal machinations of wordpress.com.



    Well you have your answer then. And you are concerned about the blog damaging your reputation yet you want it highlighted for all to see. Ironic.


    Did you understand the Problem? I guess no


    How do we even know that it isn’t the truth that you’re trying to suppress?

    I can’t read German and don’t feel like bothering with a translator, but maybe the person is right? Whoever it is, is certainly entitled to express their opinion.


    So you prefer to host illegal content than to deal with a translator and to form an opinion on the complaints.



    I’m just another blogger mate, my opinion is irrelevant.



    @notawoodpecker we seem to fuelling his/her fire. Maybe time to let it rest?


    We don’t know that it’s ‘illegal’.

    Someone expressing their opinion is not ‘illegal’. There are millions of posts all over the web expressing opinions against major companies trying to stop people from patronizing them, but those opinions are not ‘illegal’.

    I personally try to talk people out of going to Walmart, but it is not ‘illegal’ for me to do so.


    It’s not a expression of an opinion, it’s a intentional false statements of fact are to defame other!

    Of course, he expects that the posts will not be deleted because the operators do not speak the German language. Of course, he has decided to take a Hoster abroad

    How would you think about it if you were the victim?



    You really aren’t doing yourself any favours by trying to inflame the situation. The problem is yours and we can’t help you here in the forum, i’m sorry, but that’s the way it is.


    I try my very existence against the constant attacks of stalking a mentally disturbed young to defend. In your opinion, I should sit tight and watch how he ruined my health and livelihood?!



    No, i told you what to do right at the start of this. You have to deal with the abuse team and not this forum. My opinion is irrelevant and cannot help you.

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