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  1. I think in this case writing and filing are two separate things. VERY separate.

  2. gegenabzocke24opfer

    In Germany I cannot not get a court order without a opponent. I need the registration data, espacially the IP-Adress, to let the Authorities determine the person. But this is only possible within 5-7 days and the Authorities will not do somthing if I tell them they should ask someone in the USA. doesn't give me the data, so there will be no court-order. Also I will not get a court-order if the data comes to late or if the Authorities don't want to determine the Person.

    So, I don't have a good chance to get a court-order! And so the illegal content will not be deleted!

    see posts below

    I have already done this. Also the other persons that are affected

  3. gegenabzocke24opfer

    I know how about writing lawsuite and filing!!!

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