WordPress.Com is Offline in East Africa?! In distress! Anyone know anything…?

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    This is the third day running, and it’s gotten progrssively worse!

    I’m surfing fine on ALL other sites EXCEPT my wordpress so there must be something up!

    Have changed nothing but getting this;

    ‘Waiting for s2.wp.com…’

    – and it stays there.

    Is there something going on?

    Haven’t been able to post in DAYS, and it’s getting on my TITS!
    Blog url: http://kolembo.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is kolembo.wordpress.com.



    I’m so sorry this is happening to you. I flagged this thread for Staff help.



    We have no outage that we’re aware of.

    Do you see any improvement if you enable or disable HTTPS?




    Hi there, you two! I seem to get you when I need help…thanks.

    This morning I’m coming from my computer (rather than my mobile)…YEY! If you haven’t done anything, then I just don’t know what is going on. It’s the very first time it’s happened in years. I didn’t touch any of the settings – HTTPS etc.

    What was happening is that my site would load the home page and then get stuck there and display…”…waiting for s2.wp.com…”

    It would be the same thing for ANY wordpress site I was trying to visit…it would just stay there, then go blank. This happened periodically over the last week, but would un-hinge for a few hours a day and let me post.

    The last two days it was immovable, but today, as you can see I’m up.

    I just can’t think what it could be because as I said it was specific to my WordPress accounts – everything else was going on as normal, no problems.

    I tried using all the browsers – microsoft, mozilla, opera – all the same. I’m not a computer whizz, but I know enough to know that it can’t be my carrier from here, or a bug in the computer because it was specific to my WordPress sites.

    It was very, very odd – I have no idea what it could be.

    I’m gonna get on with it today and see…I’ll let you know. Ha…as it is, REALLY I’m sure I can find problems bigger than “…..I can’t get on my blog!”

    Ahhh, I feel silly! But you get used to it you know…in between what you’re doing for the day.

    Anyway, I’ll keep this post open for a while and just see what happens and let you know.

    I really don’t know what it could be.



    We haven’t made any changes recently.

    Are you saying the problem is with your mobile only?



    No, no…the problem was on my main line…I’ve been commenting from my mobile because I couldn’t get on.

    This is coming from my mobile, but last comment was from main comp. I’ll check again through the day and just make sure everything is still working.

    Mobile is fine.

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