wordpress.com is slllllooowwww….

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    My blog is loading extremely slowly this evening. Clicking ‘edit’ beside a post and it takes upwards of 40s to load the edit page – I was getting the 503 problem over the last few days but this was ‘fixed’ this morning. Are there ongoing issues ?
    This is such a shame, I moved from Blogger last week because of just these kind of issues. I was hoping WordPress would be more stable, but that’s not what I’m seeing so far…

    (n.b. wordpress forums and other sites are loading fast – so it’s not an issue at my end)



    The other day Blogger was down for 5 hours. Believe me, WordPress is a thousand times better than Blogger. Blogger destroyed my blog by labeling it spam and everything went to hell after that. And they rarely write you back. WordPress has this forum unlike Blogger. WordPress has it’s bumps sometimes but doesn’t everything. Give it some time and things should get better soon. :) The only thing with WordPress that they don’t have yet is javascript ads allowed.

    ** wink, wink, nudge, nudge ** lol



    Armcurl, chances are there are at least a dozen computers between yours and the WordPress server in question. If any one of them are slow, you’re going to have a slow connection. Not trying to pass the issue off or anything but without more information or at least a traceroute while it was occuring, there’s not a whole lot of help I can offer you.

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