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    Using Linux and having Drivel available I would like to log in, however no matter what I put in preferences for the network, journal server address, I get a communication error and it tells me it can’t send info to the server.

    I have tried several things found in Google, but it’s a no go and I am stuck now. Can someone help me figure this one out?

    Do note, this is for a free account hosted on wordpress.com. Thanks !



    And the specific information you’re putting in there would be?….

    And Drivel would be?….

    Maybe this?

    I don’t see any documentation but maybe we can help if you let us know what information you’re putting in there.


    I have tried
    ‘www.wordpress.com/something.php’ (the something bit I found while googling, but that is more for blogs hosted on own servers I believe).

    And I added http, I removed that bit again.. I’m stumped.

    And Drivel is what you stated indeed. :)



    It’s just to make posts and that’s it, right?

    I’m guessing (hoping) that it uses the XML-RPC format.

    Try pointing it as eadwine.wordpress.com/xmlrpc.php without the http or the www. (Shouldn’t be using the www anyway as it already has three levels in the domain name for a *.com) That’s what I use for my Blogger API crossposter.


    It’s to make posts indeed, simply write and upload, so to speak. Like wbloggar (more familiar in computerland I think) would do.

    I put that “eadwine.wordpress.com/xmlrpc.php” in there and I got a bit further, a new error pops up. I remember seeing this when Googling about:

    “Oh bother, there’s a server error. Please try again later.”

    I see the line in a bunch of code on this page for example: http://l10n-status.gnome.org/HEAD/PO/drivel.drivel-2-0.pot

    But I haven’t got a clue what the stuff there means.

    To add, I have to enter things in the server screen manually, but I cannot select XML-RPC interface for some reason, only traditional (POST) interface is available.

    And another addition, I tried to connect with an LJ client, entering the proper data as given, and it gave me this error message in return:

    “Unable to parse server response; it began with:
    XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.”



    I’m guessing that you don’t get an error log or anything on that end?

    I’m looking through their mail list archives but I’m not getting an hits either.

    Just love how they have no public forums, no public documentation, the download isn’t in zip format, (I’m stuck on a windows PC here and can’t SSH from here into my servers to unzip it myself), their CVS and bug system is locked behind a password site.

    I do see in one of their screen shots that you get to choose the Jounal Type. What type are you trying to use? While they mention that they support WordPress indirectly, I would try Movable Type as well since the xmlrpc thingie will take that format as well.

    edit: I saw your post. WordPress IIRC does not support the LJ format.


    Irritating, that is :( Too bad I cannot use Blogtk just yet to test another client than this one (needs a MASSIVE upgrade and I mean wipe system, pretty much).

    The option I have chosen is Custom, the only set up and ready to go options are LJ, Deadjournal, uJournal and Gotdiary?.

    I am STRONGLY beginning to suspect that my version of Drivel is one that does not yet support WP, in which case this whole post sequence becomes moot. Version is 1.2.4.

    I also tried to see if I could get help on the Drivel section, but yeah.. you experienced the same thing. It is amazing to me how behind on Linux blog clients still are, where support is concerned in any case.

    If someone else may have an idea of what line I need to put in the server field to get things to connect, or maybe even a different login name that I should use (one can never know) it’d be much appreciated.

    But thank YOU a bundle for your support though! It’s nice to see someone dive into things like that :)

    Oh.. and to add, I started the program from the konsole to see what messages I would get, but nothing came forward at all.



    It may be the version as you say. Drivel is up to 2.0 at least. I will note that I did not find 1 WordPress thread upon searching their mail list archives though so maybe it is an untested area although they say it works.

    I will though say that we do have XML-RPC support here on WP.com though as we’ve had a number of blogging clients come up here in the forums and I use it to make cross posts to my back up and test blogs here.

    Good luck,


    Thanks for the well wishes. I have to upgrade my system altogether before I can test the latest Drivel version (see complete overhaul of system comment required for that).

    Thanks for the info and helping me out though! I will basically just have to wait till I have installed the latest Mepis, I guess. If it then DOES work, I will of course post back here and let that be known.


    to post with drivel in your wordpress, just select the option movable type and in the server line http://wordpress.com/xmlrpc.php

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