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    I created a blog : http://sesamepictures.wordpress.com/ which people I send the link to can’t visit.

    I checked it with a friend and I don’t know why, but he doesn’t manage to download the blog. I have myself absolutely no trouble to see my blog.

    How could I arrange this ? If people can’t go to my blog, this makes no sense having a blog…

    thanks to everybody who will help me

    The blog I need help with is sesamepictures.wordpress.com.


    It sounds like there may have been a mistake in the link to the blog. Go to your front page of your blog and then copy the link in your address bar and send that link to them.

    Also, if they are trying to look at it from work, some companies will block certain sites and such via their firewalls.

    There are also some countries that block wordpress.com. China has been known to block wordpress.com entirely from time to time.



    thanks answering so quickly !

    Actually, I had copied the link I sent from the address bar. And when I clic on the link I sent I have absolutely no problem downloading the blog.

    The friends I sent the link to are in France or in the same country as me and most of them work in the communication branch or are independent. This problem concerns too many people to link it to a company strategy I think. My friends also have no problem reading other wordpress’ blogs… this issue only happens with my blog. What I don’t understand.

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