WordPress.com Love you…but want to move to wordpress.myowndomain/control

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    I have installed wordpress on my own domain name… I have imported/exported my entries (and am quite BUMMED to lose the blogroll .. but ah well – I can spend some time rebuilding that unless… there’s a way?)

    This is what I would like to know (in terms meant for an 8 year old please):

    1. Do I use the “Add a Domain” feature under “options” to redirect people from my wordpress.com blog to the new one?

    2. Is there a way to move the Blogroll and stats?

    3. How do I switch my other connections (like Flickr “post to blog”) – although I anticipate that is something I have to ask there. If I am keeping wordpress (LOVE my wordpress!), do I just change the beginning URL but it keeps the wordpress “xml” (whatever that is?)

    4. I feel like I’m missing something here. What else do I need to know before I go?

    Thanks for your help!


    You can export your blogroll, or better yet, if you are using wordpress software with you new blog, just go to blogroll > import links on your new blog dashboard and point to this file in your wordpress.com blog: http://mydomain.tld/wp-links-opml.php

    If that doesn’t work then export your links from the same place in your wordpress.com blog and save them to your computer hard disk and then import them.




    Thank you for this tip. I will check that out – looks easy enough=)

    Can anyone help with the Domain piece? Does that redirect traffic from wordpress to my new URL?



    If you did not purchase domain mapping from wordpress.com then the answer to your rediirect to my domain question is “no”.

    Can I redirect my blog?
    If you have moved away from wordpress.com it is not possible to redirect your blog either to another blog here or to a domain elsewhere.
    We cannot return a 301.



    reference for redirect info above http://faq.wordpress.com/?s=redirect



    If you have purchased your own domain name, however, it’s possible to have it point to your new site. I don’t have the details, but it won’t be a redirect from your blog here; it’ll effectively wipe the wordpress blog off the map.



    In terms of people using that URL, that is.

    (why does the Edit button redirect me to the front page of the forum? That’s dumb)


    The edit function in the forums is gone. What you saw was the ghost of functions past.




    I saw it and thought it had been restored. But I hadn’t had my coffee yet: perhaps I was hallucinating. You KNOW you need a break from online when your hallucinations take the form of forum edit buttons.


    A sure sign indeed.



    Yes, I have purchased my own domain name. I wish to host my wordpress blog elsewhere now, but not lose my visitors/readers. Thus the question about redirect. I’m reading two pieces of advice above that contradict for me. I believe it is possible to redirect, but don’t know how.




    I posted the link above so you would understand what raincoaster was referring to.
    “If you have purchased your own domain name, however, it’s possible to have it point to your new site. I don’t have the details, but it won’t be a redirect from your blog here; it’ll effectively wipe the wordpress blog off the map.”



    If you are going completely self-hosted then you are going to lose some google juice, page rank and such, there is no way around that. You can however post an ending post on your wordpress.com blog explaining that you have moved and directing visitors via a link to your new blog and then six months down the road mark the wordpress.com blog as private, or delete it if you wish.



    Ok. Sorry to be so slow on this all. It’s not my area. LOL.

    This is what I understand.

    1. If I choose the domain mapping option (extra fee) then it will just redirect traffic from wordpress.com blog to my new URL/Host. However, domain mapping just makes the URL *look* like my blog is hosted offsite, but it remains here on wordpress. (The only reason I would move is that I would have greater flexibility with wordpress on a different host with plug-ins, etc.) So this option probably doesn’t fit my needs. (On another note here, when/why would someone choose this option over hosting elsewhere?)

    2. I can also opt to just leave a last post that states my new address to refer visitors there.

    Did I get all of it?
    Again, thanks for your patience with me as I work this out!


    If you get a domain name through wordpress and get the domain mapping, your blog will still be hosted here on wordpress.com and still have the restrictions.

    If you get your own web host and domain name and use the software downloaded from wordpress.org, then you are virtually unlimited to the changes or additions you can do (limited only by your knowledge and ability to hack the software and themes.

    One of the main advantages to staying here on wordpress.com with a domain upgrade is that you do not have to maintain, upgrade and troubleshoot your own installation. Additionally wordpress.com has many servers so if one goes down, your blog stays up and functioning. Some of the disadvantages to staying with wordpress.com are fewer templates, no plugins, limited customization and template modifications. When you self host, if the single server your blog is on goes bye-bye, your blog is down. Most hosts do back ups, but you may end up losing some stuff, and it may take a while for the IP to get things transferred to another server.

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