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  1. I wonder if we can add new page that will display Top 100 (or more) website under beside Top Hot Blogs. I want to look more accounts and get the idea.

    Also, can we add forums shortcut link on main page too?


  2. Good idea!

  3. Moved to ideas...

    The forum link has been discussed before. IIRC the issue was with users coming over here. Please remember that each page of your Backend has the link. When you log to WP, you wind up at your backend.

    (I'd like to see it also as well but I agree with having too many people stumbling in here)

  4. Having a rolling "Last Updated" blogs might accomplish the same thing (having more links to see them), or even some kind of blog directory (although I understand that would take work).

    Another good way of seeing other blogs gwlj is to log in, then keep hitting the "Next blog" on the account bar at the top. You'll end up in some really strange places I can assure you.

  5. We already have the Last Updated list. It's on the dashboard. :)

  6. Oh. So it is..

    Speaking of which, is it supposed to appear so differently to the other lists? Blogs appear as standard lists, but the posts appear as big grey boxes. (FFX 1.5/XP)

  7. I think it's that way for a reason. With the self hosted blogs, they look that way as well although they're coming from IIRC. That's a Matt question really...

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